Sunday, February 26, 2012

HOOAH! - Army Wives Premiere

Ciao, entertainment whores! 

Are you loving the revamped Sexy Trash? And the first addition was me: Tessa (the tiger, if you prefer). You may know me from my personal blog where I'm usually writing about my life as a newlywed military spouse living in Italy. That being said, writing strictly entertainment posts should be interesting. Mostly because I live across the pond and usually rely on Sexy Trash for my celebrity gossip and movie previews, but also because the man behind it all and I have very different tastes most of the time. So, along with the new layout and hopefully some additional writers, Sexy Trash is on the fast track to becoming the most well rounded entertainment blog on the Interweb. Buckle up, bitches!

Without further ado, let's get the entertainment portion of this post started. With little time to spare as well because the TV Show I'll be introducing kicks off their sixth season on Sunday, March 4th at 9/8c on Lifetime. Know what it is yet? If you do, you're squealing with excitement... if you don't, you have five seasons of amazing TV to watch in less than a week's time. Good luck. Or, as an army wife might say, HOOAH!

Army Wives (see what I did there?) may give off the impression that it's just a TV show for housewives who like to cry and eat but that first reaction couldn't be further from the truth. Granted, I didn't start watching the show until I became a housewive/milspouse - but that's besides the point. This is a show about friendship and sacrifice, about true love and honor, about bills and deployments; it's a show about life - military life - and the wives who keep it going strong. Really, it's Desperate Housewives in camouflage and combat boots but honestly, are you complaining? The men (and women!) are just as hot as our beloved on DH and dare I say it the plot is more fascinating and realistic then, I don't know, a handicapped man locked in a basement next-door. In five seasons the army wives you fall in love with (and an army husband!) deal with deployments, drug abuse, terrorism, affairs, being taken hostage, and yes, inevitably with the military life, death. But even though this show will have your heart aching to the point you think you need a doctor (and I warn you now: do not watch a single episode without tissues close by), it is because the acting in this show is SO FKING GOOD you come to truly believe the characters are real people, and that you are best friends who do brunch on Sundays.

Let's get to know your new best friends, shall we? (All pictures taken from IMDB.)
 If you're rolling with Claudia Joy (played by Kim Delaney) or Michael Holden (played by Brian McNamara), then you know you've done something right in your military career. Michael is the big wig General on base and Claudia Joy (or CJ as her friends from law school call her) is his very powerful-yet-kind wife. By the end of Season 5, these two have been through just about everything together - including the death of a child.
 WOO, NELLY! Just you WAIT until you meet Miss Pamela Moran (played by Brigid Brannagh). Her red hair should really tell you everything about her personality, but just in case you need it put bluntly: She is. Pamela is an ex-cop turned milspouse who sometimes has a difficult time biting her tongue... and really makes no apologies for it. Her husband Chase (played by Jeremy Davidson) is hands down the sexiest husband (oops, IMHO) and has an extremely dangerous job that keeps him away from his family 9 times out of 10.
The Sherwoods have been together since they were teenagers and are what the military would consider a true blood Army couple. Frank (played by Terry Serpico) is extremely intense and dedicated to his career 100% and Denise (played by Catherine Bell) is his loyal wife. Until Denise has a midlife crisis and decides to explore other opportunities while Frank is deployed for the millionth time...
 Ah, the LeBlancs. Roxy (played by Sally Pressman) is a spitfire southern girl who married her sweetheart Trevor (played by Drew Fuller) after just a few days of knowing him. She has two boys - from two different dads - and yet dispute her obvious baggage and redneck roots, Trevor fell head over heels in love and became her very own Prince Charming with dog tags. Within minutes of getting to know Roxy you'll quickly realize why Trevor fell so hard, so fast.
Joan Burton (played by Wendy Davis) is a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army. Joan brings a very different dynamic to the group of army wives seeing that she is the one serving in the military. Roland Burton (played by Sterling K. Brown) is successful all on his own however as a psychologist and later as a stay-at-home dad. In five seasons, the Burtons experience multiple deployments, PTSD, becoming parents, adoption, and even... adultery.

If those pictures and short bios weren't enough to wet your appetite, here is a look at ALL SIX previews (yes, I want you to watch and love it that much). If you're not hooked or at least semi-interested at the end, then I think you should turn Nascar back on and crack open another can of beer because that's all the entertainment I believe you enjoy.

Thanks, YouTube! : Army Wives Season 1Army Wives Season 2Army Wives Season 3Army Wives Season 4Army Wives Season 5Army Wives Season 6

There you have it - Army Wives Seasons 1-5 in a nutshell. So, who's going to watch Season 6?! Do you think a wife DIES? What do you think "One wife won't whether the storm" means? Another divorce? Yikes! (OH, Army Wives also plays amazing new/indie/fun/beautiful music.) Leave your thoughts and love below -



  1. You may be surprised, but I love this show! I'm so excited ... I do need to catch up on last season though. Thanks for the post! :)