Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hol-Glee Shit...


I apologize in advance of how long and detailed this post is - I wasn't expecting it, but it was better than I expected, so the recap just flowed from my fingers...

Ever since I heard about how epic/life-changing tonight's episode of Glee was going to be, I've been waiting...watching each week's episode like it was a chore, just waiting for the winter finale.

Finally, it's graced my screen.

The winter finale, "On My Way," started pretty tame/lame... Sebastian threatened to post naked pictures of Finn in heels online if Rachel/Kurt don't drop out of Regionals. Rachel still wants to sing so that the team will surely win, and Finn takes offense to that, walking out on the team.

Cut to Quinn asking Sue to join the Cheerios for her senior year, and Sue telling her that she is pregnant. Whatever.

The real action starts during the first performance of the episode... and it left me breathless and on the edge of my seat. In one of the most heartbreaking music montages of the show's run, Blaine sings Young the Giant's "Cough Syrup" as Dave Karofsky is outed by his football teammates. The song continues as Karofsky recieves homophobic wallposts on Facebook, and as the song comes to an end, we see Karofsky put on his best looking suit as he stands on a chair and begins to hang himself. Ever since the episode where he first admitted his feelings for Kurt (Never Been Kissed), I've always been a Karofsky fan. and if anything happens to him, I will be a hot, sobbing mess.

After a commercial break, the scene opens with the faculty of McKinley High in one of the realest, most genuine scene Glee has ever seen. They discuss Karofsky's suicide attempt, and when Figgins  tells them it wasn't their job to watch over him, Emma asks, "Well, then whose job was it?" That line ended the scene and started my tears..

Later, the Christian Club starts their meeting with a prayer circle. Talk quickly turns to Quinn admitting that she thinks it's selfish of him to take his own life; she has been through a lot and never would think of hurting those around her by doing that. Kurt enters the meeting and tells her that what Karofsky went through is a lot worse; Quinn was never unloved during her troubles, but people are throwing hate at Karofsky. He then breaks down and says he blames himself for not answering his calls or attempts at hanging out.

After Karofsky's suicide attempt, Rachel and Finn decide not to fight and decide life is too short. They decide all of New Directions will sing at Regionals and also want to push up their wedding to the following weekend right after the competition.

Sebastian calls Blaine, Kurt, Santana, and Brittany to the coffee shop and tells them that he's deleted the pictures of Finn and wants Regionals to be a fair fight. When they ask him why, he reveals that he was mean to Karofsky when he met him at a gay club, and now feels partially at fault for what happened.

Mr. Shue brings the Glee club together and tells them that no matter how low they feel, they need to think of all the new experiences they have in front of them. Mercedes says that she knows they may not be dramatic, but they would never think about doing that. Shue than admits that when he was a junior in high school, he attempted it and then has the whole group name something they are all looking forward to. As they go around the circle, my tears came again. Two commercial breaks, and I cried during both of them.

At Regionals, the Warblers begin the competition and during their performance, Finn begins a standing ovation, telling those around him, "Life's too short." After two songs by the Warblers, the obligitory "We know they're not going to win, but Regionals needs three choirs" choir performs and New Directions sits nervously backstage.

As New Directions warms up, Finn and Rachel admit to the group that they are getting married later that night, and invite the rest of the team to join them. They thank everyone who has been supportive of them, and Quinn just looks bitchy and judgmental the whole scene.

After a non-teary eyed commercial break, New Directions begins their performance at Regionals with a mash-up of R.Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly"  and Nicki Minaj's "Fly" with visual help from a gof machine. Blaine and Santana rap Nicki's verses, and we couldn't ask for anything more.

The Troubletones reunite for New Direction's second performance, "Stronger" by Kelly Clarkson. I've already seen the video of this, but watching it in context really brings a deepness to it that sent chills through my entire body. Naya River and Amber Riley can wail through any song for me anytime they'd like...

New Directions' last song is Halestorm's "Here's To Us," and while I strongly dislike the original, Lea Michele again finds a way to make my whole body shake and win me over and make sure it's played non-stop on my iPod.

As winners are announced, third place goes to Our Lady of Perpetual Goblets... (shocker) and New Directions wins first place! Blaine shakes Sebastian's hand and it seems that all is good between the two.

After Regionals, Sue tells Quinn she is welcome to join Cheerios, and that she admires Quinn for being everything that she is not. Quinn dons the uniform and tells Rachel that she wants to support her and Finn and come to their wedding. How heartwarming. Again, it seems like all is finally good between the two! It's only taken three years.

Kurt visits Karofsky in the hospital, and as the two talk, Karofsky tells him he really values his friendship. Using Shue's activity as a basis for the conversation, Kurt has Karofsky imagine his life in ten years, happily employed as a sports agent with a loving partner and a son. He has Karofsky fill in the blank of what he would say, and he speaks with tears in his eyes, "I am so happy right now."

Another commercial. More tears. Damn it, Glee. Damn it.

The episode continues with pre-wedding hustle. Quinn is running late; she had to get her bridesmaids dress. The couple's not-so-happy parents are thinking of ways to stop the wedding. Sue tells Shue she wants to help him win Nationals.

Rachel wants to wait for Quinn, but Finn says they have to go now or they'll lose their spot. Rachel texts Quinn "HURRY! WHERE ARE YOU?!!??!" and joins Finn to head down the aisle. As the episode is about to end, Quinn checks her texts as she is driving... into an intersection. A truck crashes into the driver's side of her car, the glass shatters, and the screen goes to black.

"To be continued.... April 10."


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