Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Hobbit" Star Tells Us Something We Already Know

Benedict Cumberbatch (a name you will be hearing quite frequently from me as he's A. involved in a TON of stuff right now and b. has an awesome name) was recently quoted at the Elton John Oscar party saying how much he enjoyed working with the cast and crew of "The Hobbit", saying his "Sherlock" co-star, Martin Freeman (playing "Bilbo" in this Tolkien tale) "He's going to be amazing. He's going to be fantastic in this film".

Cumberbatch is slated to play the voice of Smaug the Dragon for "Hobbit", a character who won't appear until the second film. He's also said he is doing movement and voice recording for another character which is currently nameless.

This production team alone has won 31 Oscars for their combined efforts on all three "Lord of the Rings" films. So, besides the amazing casting that has had my imagination nearly weeping for joy, it's no surprise to hear our lead Hobbit is "amazing". Thanks for the heads up though C-Batch!

Cumberbatch (on Left) with his "Sherlock" co-star, and "amazing" lead Hobbit, Martin Freeman


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