Monday, February 27, 2012

Help Donny be a "Hunger Games" Red Carpet Correspondant!!!

If you read Sexy Trash at ALL, you know I am deathly excited for The Hunger Games. Multiply that excitement by 84 and you get my excitement level when I found out Wendy Williams is looking for a red carpet correspondant for the premiere.

Obvi, I did it.

Check out my video (and "like" and comment it!!!) below!! Let Wendy know I would make the BEST correspondant!!!


  1. Wendy, Donny would be fabulous! I've been a fan of his for years!


  2. Wendy- pick Donny!!! He would be the best...the stars would love talking to him on the red carpet, he is so enthusiastic.

  3. Hey Wendy you got to pick my friend Donny!! Not only is he Fabulous he is exactly what your show needs!! He has such a lovable and crazy personality you can't help but fall in love!!!

  4. Wendy,
    You should pick Donny as red carpet correspondent for The Hunger Games because he has such a great personality. Donny is great with people. Apparently, you have met him before so you know he's fabulous! I feel like he would bring a unique style to your show. He's funny, talented, and extremely good looking! As you can tell from his video he looks great on camera. I feel like he would ask the best questions that everyone would want to know the answers to and then some. As for all-knowing about The Hunger Games, I follow him on Sexy Trash and facebook so I see a lot of posts from him about it. If I followed him on anything else, my phone would constantly be blowing up with posts about The Hunger Games!
    In conclusion, Donny would be the best choice for your red carpet correspondent for The Hunger Games because not only is he well informed he is extremely loving and likable.