Wednesday, February 29, 2012

DIVA of the WEEK

Hello all you beautiful and sexy trashers out there! I'm Amy Jo Brixius aka Diva Trash. I'm handing in my "v" card and embarking on the blogging world. I'll be your go to Diva for all things sassy and *snap* worthy. So look for the "diva of the week", "diva moments", and some "top of the charts". I'm so glad to join the team, so here goes....

On Sunday, the category for supporting actress was a tough one with many talented ladies, all wanting that shiny Oscar to put on their mantle. However, one woman showed that she was VERY deserving and even humbled by her win. That woman, Octavia Spencer.

Octavia went from a woman who was always that "comedic go to gal" seen here and there in small roles to a shining star. I honestly had to look to today to see some of her previous roles. Many I saw and said, "Oh yes, remember that...or Oh, I almost forgot about that!". Many might have missed her talents altogether until a little saving grace called The Help, came along. 
Octavia put 110% into her role as Minny and I don't think anyone would have denied her the Oscar. Honestly, who could forget her moment in the movie where she told Miss Hilly to "!", as she served her a slice of some REAL humble pie. YUMMM-O.

I just about lost MY shit when I watched the movie. She was so convincing, genuine, and a fantastic character brought to life from book to the screen. There was moments that left you rolling on the floor and ones that had you crying like a baby. She embodied her character and was definitely SO deserving of the win. 
I hope that we see more from Octavia in the future and I hope that it's soon. So here's to you Miss Oscar winner and the DIVA of the Week.

---AJ <3

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