Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Disney Classics That No One Remembers

Hello all my favorites pieces of Sexy Trash! My name's Amanda Kramer and while I can't say I'm new to blogging, I am (relatively) new to Sexy Trash. I won't bore you with any kind of biography, but I will say I'm very excited to be here and can't wait to see what happens. With my first post, I thought the best way to describe myself for you is to describe some of my favorite Disney movies--because what better way to get to know someone, right? Enjoy! --AvK

When someone says "Disney Movies", the first thing that pops into peoples minds are either the Princesses or the campy, cheesy, and fun live action Disney Channel movies. A few think of the Disney/Pixar hybrids like "Finding Nemo". But no one remembers the classics. I'm not talking about the ones we all know but never mention, like "101 Dalmations" and "The Jungle Book". I'm talking about the really great ones that we all need a few moments to recall. Those are my favorite. And just to save you some time and energy, I've compiled a list of those movies. Because really, who doesn't enjoy walking down your own childhood movie memory lane?

The Three Caballeros 

This movie is my hands down favorite. It's Donald Duck's birthday, and each gift he opens is another adventure. A mix of live action and animation, it was one of the first of it's kind. Each adventure explored a different part of Latin America. There was a story about a penguin who longed for warm weather, a parrot who loved Brasil with his whole heart, and tons of incredible song and dance numbers that absolutely mesmerized me as a child. 

It was so hard to pic just one clip to post. Just know there are so many great ones out there, so feel free to do your own youtube search! 

Robin Hood

This one is a little more mainstream as far as memories go. Since the story itself is so classic, more people will remember that there was a Disney film about Robin Hood. They just won't remember it was played out by forest animals. With a fox as Robin Hood and a bear as his faithful sidekick, Little John, the classic tale of taking from the rich to feed the poor ingrained itself into my head, as did every song performed by Rodger Miller (drawn as a Rooster). Oo-De-Lally! 

The Great Mouse Detective

A take on Sherlock Holmes, this was one of the darker Disney movies. And I don't mean dark as in dark themes. I mean literally dark. As the titles says, it's Sherlock Holmes played out through mice and rats. The entire film takes place either at night or in the sewers. And it was one of the first animated movies to scare the bejesus out of me. The story revolves around a toymaker who's kidnapped to help the evil Rattigan take the throne out from under the mouse queen's nose. The toymaker's daughter, Olivia, goes to Basil (the mouse version of Sherlock) for help. What's unusual about this movie was the lack of catchy tunes. This was one of the first Disney movies that relied more on the plot than the fun cartoons and songs. 

The Rescuers & The Rescuers Down Under


I grouped these together because it's the same pair of (again) mice who's job it is to rescue those in need. Miss Bianca, the poised and polished white mouse, is paired up with Bernard, the clumsy, bumbling, and sweet, mouse in the first film, "The Rescuers". They both work for the Rescue Aid Society and are called to help a poor orphan who's been "adopted" by an evil con-woman and her lackey. Through the help of the creatures that live in the swamp where poor Penny is being held, Bianca and Bernard are able to free Penny, who eventually gets adopted by good parents. 13 years later, we were given "The Rescuers Down Under", which brings us to Australia, where B&B are called again to help a young boy named Cody save a rare bird from an evil poacher. Both films were short on musical numbers, but I was totally okay with that, as the stories were captivating enough for 5 year old me. 

Pete's Dragon

Finally, Pete's Dragon was a classic VHS tape that I had worn out as a child. The story of a boy, Pete, and his friendly pet dragon, Elliot, was one that always made me happy. They were best friends, and met as Pete was running away from his abusive adopted family. With Elliot's help, Pete is able to find a new family, and they save each other from the evil one that's been chasing them the entire time. This movie was more live action than animation, but Elliot was lovable enough that I didn't much care. 

There you have it! I'm sure you have your own Disney movies that are special to you, and maybe they're on this list and maybe they're not. But either way, I hope you enjoyed my own little collection of Disney Classics, and maybe this will inspire you to revisit your own personal favorites--because really, who doesn't enjoy a good Disney story every once in awhile? 



  1. Hi, Amanda! The only one of these I haven't seen is the first one mentioned. Love the other five, though! I haven't seen them in years. Gotta add them to Netflix for a trip down memory lane!

    My favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid. Mulan and Beauty and the Beast are a close second. :)

    Your blog's new layout looks fantastic, Donny!!

  2. I remember! I've sung songs from #1-4 in the last two days, and I've been dithering between whether to rewatch The Three Caballeros for the millionth time or Dumbo.

  3. I'd forgotten ALL about the The Great Mouse Detective!Loved that movie as a kid! And the others I've seen/ heard of except for the 3 Caballeros. Great post :)