Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dancing With the "Stars" Season 14

Well, ABC is certainly using the word 'star' loosely, now aren't they? In recent "Who Da Helllll?" news, casting for some contestants in the latest season of Dancing With the Stats have been announced, and, like usual, I am than thrilled...

Jack Wagner

Profession: Actor
'Famous' For: Melrose Place/His Feud with Heather Locklear

Sherri Shepherd

Profession: Talk Show Host/Comedienne
'Famous' For: The View

Melissa Gilbert

Profession: Actress
'Famous' For: Little House on the Prairie/substance abuse

Maria Menounos

Profession: TV Presenter
'Famous' For: Access Hollywood

Out of the four, I am most excited for Sherri Shepherd. Her opinions sometimes grate my nerves on The View, but I think she is genuinely a good person and she has a large energy that I hope will translate well to the dance floor.

However... I do not for the life of me understand why people like this show. The routines are stale and repetitive; if you want to see real dancing, please turn your attention to FOX's So You Think You Can Dance? There may not be famous people on it, but if you're a Dancing With the Stars fan, you're already used to that...

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