Monday, December 5, 2011

Taylor Minaj

We love a good musical collaboration as much as the next person gay, but some obviously make us tingle just a tad bit more than others. For instance:

Lady Gaga/Beyonce > Britney/Ke$ha/Nicki Minaj > Jordan Sparks/Chris Brown

Although Taylor Swift has rarely teamed up with other artists to record studio tracks, she expressed interest to MTV earlier this week in pairing up with Nicki Minaj. "I mean, we're not working on anything right now, but I would love to at some point. That would be amazing."

 Taylor, that would be amazing, and we'd love that to happen as some point, as well.

Commenters at various blogs wrote that this is a terrible idea and questioned what kind of music could the two possibly do together. We're going to have to disagree with these biased commenters for two reasons:

1. They've clearly never heard Taylor rap. She could hold her own in a Nicki/Taylor duet.

2. If Taylor decides to go the no-rap route, Nicki does sing. Her "Pink Friday" track, "Save Me" can prove it. So if the two sang together, country and hip hop mesh quite well together. Must we remind you of the following song?

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  1. OMG I LOVED Over and Over! Whenever I hear that song, it reminds me of running errands in the Ship area as the stations I could get there constantly played it!