Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy 30th Birthday, Britney!!

Well, it's finally arrived - and we're not going to lie... there was a brief time period when we were scared we wouldn't see this day, but we're past that, and Britney Spears has turned 30!

It's hard to believe that Brit Brit made her music debut in 1998, only 13 years ago! In that time, she released seven albums and 37 singles, selling more than 100 million records around the world. Also in those 13 years, she's dated Justin Timberlake, allegedly cheated with Wade Robson (upgrade), broke up with Justin, married, divorced, married, divorced, had children, shaved her head, had a meltdown, made a comeback including a Glee episode dedicated to her, and filmed some Pepsi commercials.

In honor of our favorite performer, we've rated the Top 30 Britney videos of all time!

30. Gimme More
29. Radar
28. 3
27. Till The World Ends
26. Criminal
25. Do Somethin'
24. I Love Rock n' Roll
23. From The Bottom of My Broken Heart
22. Overprotected
21. Don't Let Me Be The Last to Know
20. If You Seek Amy
19. I Wanna Go
18. My Prerogrative
17. I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman
16. Born To Make You Happy
15. Boys
14. Womanizer
13. Hold It Against Me
12. Everytime
11. Stronger
10. Piece of Me
9. Me Against the Music
8. Circus
7. Oops, I Did It Again...
6. Sometimes
5. Crazy
4. Hit Me Baby One More Time
3. Slave For You
2. Lucky
1. Toxic

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