Thursday, December 1, 2011

"Dallas" Revival on TNT

We've never seen Dallas. We don't even know who shot J.R... But after watching the trailer for the Dallas reboot coming to TNT this summer, we're in. For a variety of reasons.

1. It's not a half-ass REMAKE like the flop-tastic Charlie's Angels. Instead, it seems to go more along the lines of the hit 90210, combining old characters and plotlines with new ones. New ones including...

2. Jesse Metcalfe. Yes, he went through his weight gain/tattoo obsessed/douchebag phase. But it's over. Well, at least the weight gain part is. We're not sure about the tattoos and being a douchebag; for all we know, he could be. But that's his business. As long as he looks dead sexy on our screen every episode, we're fans. He won us over as John Rowland on Desperate Housewives and even before that as Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald on Passions. 

3. It will fill our Desperate Housewives void. Well, probably not. BUT everyone that watched the original said it's nice and soapy... so is Housewives. And besides Metcalfe, Dallas stars Brenda Strong (Mary Alice) and Josh Henderson (Edie's nephew). It's a Housewives reunion!!

That's it. Plus, it just looks good. But you can make that decision for yourself below...


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  1. 4. the return of patrick duffy!!!! too bad this isn't a step by step remake