Wednesday, November 30, 2011

We're Les MISERABLE With These Casting Choices

Well, Hollywood is about to ruin yet another musical.

We were excited about the news of "Les Miserables" coming to the big screen as a musical. Hugh Grant and Russell Crowe were cast as the 2 male leads, and although they aren't at the top of our "Favorite Stars" list, they're not at the bottom, either, so we were still excited.

Besides, for us, it's the females and their memorable songs that really steal the show for us. So imagine our disdain when Anne Hathaway, the bane of our existence, was cast in the film. We gagged for a moment as we thought about her singing "On My Own" until we learned she'd be playing Fantine. Okay, fine. At least she dies in the first half hour. We can get over it.

But now casting options are traveling the web, and well - it ain't lookin' good.

The four options to play the Eponine are... you may want to sit down for this:

Lea Michele
Evan Rachel Wood
Scarlett Johansson
Taylor Swift.

We just can't....

Lea Michele is the clear choice out of the four. We've heard her sing (these songs) and she played the role on Broadway. We feel the same about ERW that we feel for Anne Hathaway. Scarlett Johansson looks too old for the role. And Taylor Swift - this is a joke, right? We're just imaging her squinting through her death scene, and it's just too much...

We always get SO excited when movie musicals get made. And then our dreams come CRASHING down when we get casting news. Cross your fingers that the casting directors will get their shit together and realize what needs to be done...

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