Friday, October 7, 2011

Young Adult

When we first heard about this movie, we knew we were in. On paper, it sounded like every movie that should be on ABC Family but somehow finds itself on the big screen that we've ever loved. However, on screen, it's not exactly what we pictured when we heard the plot.

A girl who was popular in high school returns to her small-town home and tries to get back with her high school crush, who is now married with children.

We envision Katherine Heigl, bright colors, perhaps some prat-falls and cat fights between Heigl and the new wife in a Chuck E. Cheese ball pit. What we get is Charlize Theron, almost gritty lighting, and the closest we get to a cat fight is some spilled wine on a white blouse.

This movie (based on the trailer alone) takes the plot of what could be a cliched, overdone chick flick and makes it seem almost... smart. We won't know how true that is until we see the actual movie, of course, but it's definitely something we're excited to find out.

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