Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Plenty Of Fish In The Sea, But We Only Want Trouty Mouth...

Ever since the role of Sam Evans was cast on Glee, we were in love. He wasn't even on our screens yet, but we knew we found our new Glee boyfriend in the form of Chord Overstreet.

At the time, Overstreet was rumored to be playing Kurt's new boyfriend. So our heart broke we when found out Sam was...wait for it...straight. Just like real life - all the good ones were straight, leaving us only with the Kurts of the world. No thank you.

But then we got used to the idea of him with Santana. But then Santy went full-blown Lez on us, so we enjoyed Single Sam for a little, we were even okay with Homeless Sam, and we were more than excited for Samcedes (the season 3 romance between Sam & Mercedes). 

What we AREN'T okay with is no Sam at all... we don't know what shit went down this summer, and quite frankly it's none of our business (Chord, call us and tell us...), but when season 3 premiered, we were left Sam-less. And in today's world, that's not okay.

We haven't really been feeling this season of Glee - maybe it's the poor song choices (ENOUGH with West Side Story...), or maybe it's the lack of Sam. If it's the latter, all problems will be solved in the season's 8th episode.

I took this picture on my iPhone when we woke up this morning. Fine, you caught me - I don't have an iPhone.

That's right, bitches - Sam Evans is coming back. Just for an episode, but hopefully it's enough shirtless goodness to fill the void left in our hearts.

Welcome back, Trouty Mouth. We've been lonely without you.

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