Friday, October 7, 2011

ESPN: The Body Issue

Well, ESPN came out with their Body Issue this week. A.K.A. The "Mom, Don't Bother Me. I'll Be Alone With the Tissues And Vasoline For A Little While" Issue.

It's true that we aren't frequent viewers of the ESPN website nor frequent readers of ESPN Magazine (It IS a magazine, right?). We know there USED to be some sort of ESPN restaurant/bar in Times Square because tourists ask us ALL THE TIME where it is. Bitch, it's been closed for a year. Order some hot wings from Dallas BBQ and go back to your hotel to watch the basketball game. It's a D.I.Y. ESPN. Solves that problem...

But even though this is a website we NORMALLY wouldn't go to... we never say no to oiled up athletes.

Besides Apolo, we don't have one damn clue who any of these men are. But that wouldn't stop us from GETTIN' IT. This makes us almost want to watch sports. Almost.

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