Thursday, September 29, 2011

H8R - Kim Kardashian

H8R, the Mario Lopez-hosted reality show on the CW, focuses on two celebrities a week and their #1 hater. A celeb's biggest shit-talker gets ambushed by the celeb and the 2 must spend the day together, given time to bond and also to discuss the reasons for the hate.  It's a cross between Punk'd and any of the MTV dating shows of the late 90's/early 2000's.

In the latest episode, one of our favorite celebrities, Kim Kardashian, is being hated on by Deena, a 32-year-old angry black woman. She says that Kim is stealing the look (and the men) that belong to black women. When Kim crashes Deena's yoga class, they spend the day painting together. Deena continues her best Bring It On impression with "You're stealing our routine!" and then accuses Kim of doing nothing for the black community. Kim says (in nicer words) "Bitch, get your facts straight. I built a house in New Orleans and I've been to Africa three times."

Is that enough to make the two total BFFs? We don't want to ruin it, so watch for yourselves...

However, we really like this show. Hopefully later episodes will deal with issues bigger than if curves should belong to a black woman or an Armenian woman, but either way, if the celebs are bigger names than the "Stars" dancing on other networks, we'll be watching.

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