Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cue The Celine Dion Break-Up Music...


Our dreams are finally coming true! Maybe... 

No, Kurt is not leaving the show. We wish. But Blaine and Kurt MAY be breaking up. We can only hope. Although we're SURE we can do without the female power ballads he'll be belting, we'd love to see the little thing cry; crushed at the heartbreak of seeing Blaine with another man.

That's right - Broadway actor Grant Gustin (West Side Story) is joining the cast of Glee in episode 4 as Sebastian, a Dalton Academy Warbler. A gay Dalton Academy Warbler. With his sights set on Blaine. A character description stated that he will be the "male version of Santana; promiscuous and manipulative." 

With Darren Criss set to leave the show for a three month period to star in "How To Succeed In Business..." on Broadway, we're sure things aren't looking good for young Kurt. And we've never been happier about the downfall of a relationship. Gurl, bye.

We're so excited. And a little pissed that we weren't called to play him... We created this storyline MONTHS ago...


  1. I'll just be sad if Blaine leaves....because like Kramer and I have said....he could sing the phone book to me, and I'd be overjoyed. <3

  2. You're a lud bitch and I HATE YOU DONNY HADFIELD.