Friday, August 26, 2011

Rihanna: "Cheers" Video

After being underwhelmed by Beyonce's 1+1 video, we were hoping our day would turn around when we saw Rihanna's video to "Cheers."

It didn't.

"Cheers (Drink To That)" is one of our favorite tracks from her newest album, Loud, and we were excited for the video from the first time we heard it. But instead of a fun party video, we're given clips from her current tour and some home videos from Barbados.

We won't drink to that. But we will drink to get through it...

What we do like is Avril Lavigne's cameo during her hook. It's a cute little shout-out that perked us up.

1 comment:

  1. You bitch ! how dare you not to like Rihanna's video..Riri is the shxt and you know it. She can do no wrong in my fxcking eyes..That video was awesome and you didn't like it because you are a hater against her. & to state that you are going to drink thought that is as hurtful as Chris brown still having a career after rearrange her face and vocals cords..sad sad