Monday, August 8, 2011

Cee Lo Green - "Cry Baby"

Well, Cee Lo has done it again.

And while it's not the "Fuck You" video (nothing EVER will be...), it's pretty great. He managed to bring back the old school pop feel yet again while also bring back one of our favorite childhood stars. We're not going to lie... it would have been fun if this was a nice little T.G.I.F. reunion with Laura Winslow sobbing on the steps as Stephanie Tanner, Topanga and Sabrina danced around Stefan. (We're not going to say Steve Urkel, because let's face it: Jaleel White could definitely get it. Stefan it is.)

But even without a reunion, we still have 4 minutes of Jaleel White winning our hearts. We kind of wish he was a singer in real life because we could get used to watching him in music videos. We'll be the first ones to say it : the man can lip sync like a pro. Eat your heart out, Britney.

Stefan aside, Cee Lo always finds a way to make us feel something. And we're not talking about a big emotional scene where his music changes our lives. No, he makes us feel like we should be a black girl in the 60's. And yes, Cee Lo... you've done it again.  


  1. LOVE this...Stefan mmmm mmmmm mmm. He can he he he he *snort* *snort* to me anytime.

  2. " as Stephanie Tanner, Topanga and Sabrina danced around Stefan." Why don't I see my fave 90's chicks :(