Friday, August 26, 2011

Beyonce: "1+1" Video

We LOVE Beyonce. So much, in fact, that we have her back NO MATTER WHAT. When people say she can't act, we protest. When people say "Run The World" is a whack song with a dumb video, we kick them out of our house. But B, why did you make it so easy for people to trash "1+1"? We're not sure if we can help you this time...

The song itself is repetitive; a little too repetitive. The chorus sounds like the verses, the verses sound like the bridge - it's the same two notes over and over. We're not really a fan. But it was okay, we told ourselves, because B will kill the video.

But then... she didn't. It's a little too lazy, a little too boring. We get it - it's supposed to be sexy, it's supposed to be intimate. Not all sex needs to be a big performance, and neither does every video. We DO get it.... but instead of intimate and passionate, we feel like we're doing all the work and Beyonce's just laying there.

And it also seems like our queen is grasping at straws to stay on top, using what works for other Pop Sensations. Sweat works for Britney, give me sweat! Glitter works for Ke$ha, give me glitter! Having Bollywood Rorschach images works for Gaga, give me Bollywood Rorschach images!!!

B - screw glitter and sweat and Rorschach inkblots. Just do you. Even if we're the only ones that like it, we'll still be your number one fan. But it needs to be better than this. Please. 

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  1. This song sucks a major tit, and to release it as a single is just stupid. Her cd is amazing, but this song is awful.