Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Hunger Games

(Well, maybe "Scream 4," but we don't want to talk about it.)

It's clear we've found a new obsession...

Chances are, if you read this blog, you've already been sent numerous texts about how you need to begin reading these books NOW. We'll, we're not lying... We don't read/watch "Harry Potter," so we're not going to rip it apart, but we DO read/watch "Twilight," and we will swear on our lives/future/Taylor Lautner that "The Hunger Games" is better than ANYTHING Stephenie Meyer could ever write. We swear.

So, do yourselves a favor and stop reading this blog and start reading "The Hunger Games" so you'll be all ready when the movie comes out March 23 (Donny Appreciation Week, just sayin...) and you're sporting your  Team Peeta shirts.

Any and all "Team Gale" comments will be deleted and you will be beaten.

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