Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Hunger Games

(Well, maybe "Scream 4," but we don't want to talk about it.)

It's clear we've found a new obsession...

Chances are, if you read this blog, you've already been sent numerous texts about how you need to begin reading these books NOW. We'll, we're not lying... We don't read/watch "Harry Potter," so we're not going to rip it apart, but we DO read/watch "Twilight," and we will swear on our lives/future/Taylor Lautner that "The Hunger Games" is better than ANYTHING Stephenie Meyer could ever write. We swear.

So, do yourselves a favor and stop reading this blog and start reading "The Hunger Games" so you'll be all ready when the movie comes out March 23 (Donny Appreciation Week, just sayin...) and you're sporting your  Team Peeta shirts.

Any and all "Team Gale" comments will be deleted and you will be beaten.

Mama's Back And Hotter Than Before!

We apologize. It's been two months. We haven't texted, we haven't called... and we know - we left without warning. But believe us - it wasn't you. It's us.

Well, no. It's Ryan Murphy.

We have been on strike/bed rest/in seclusion because of what that little troll is doing to our beloved show, "Glee."

By now it is old news that show frontrunners Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer (good riddance) are leaving the show during the season 3 finale/graduation, but what REALLY broke our hearts was the news of everyone's favorite Trouty Mouth, Chord Overstreet, leaving the show BEFORE season 3 even begins.

Gone, but NEVER forgotten. As long as there are wet dreams, there will be memories of Trouty Mouth <3

Now, unlike Lea's departure, we KNOW that this was Chord's decision and not to be blamed on Ryan Murphy, but there's still something shady that we just can't shake - why would someone leave a hit show after one season when Season 2 "cliffhangers" PROVE that he has upcoming storylines? There's something going on that we can't place our finger on, and we don't want to slander Ryan Murphy's name, but we're sure it rhymes with "Babuse." We've seen the whip marks on Chord's back when he comes to spend the night... and these aren't to be confused with the whip marks WE leave on his back when he comes to spend the night.

But there, we said it - and we take full responsibility. Because of this devestating "Glee" news, we left you. For two months - with no warning, Edward Cullen-style. And while we're sure you met someone new (and hotter) during this New Moon phase, we know you'll come running back to us. And we appreciate it. And we might even get you pregnant with our vampire babies ("Breaking Dawn" spoiler alertttttttttt!)