Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Finally, a "Glee" solo album worth listening to!

Well, it's official: everyone's favorite cheerleading lesbian bitch is finally getting more than a few Amy Winehouse songs & snappy one-liners.

That's correct. News broke last night on Perez Hilton that "Glee" star, Naya Rivera, would begin recording her own album this summer. Let's hope it's better than Mark Salling's flop of an album...

Her voice is definitely one of the better female voices on the show and her character is argueably the best on the show. (Brittany fans, don't get crazy... we still like her, we just love Santana.)

And while we hated Matthew Morrison's original song appearing in the finale, we'd be more than okay with a whole episode dedicated to Naya's album. Because, let's be serious - we'll love Santana until the day we die. Or until "Glee" ends and our fickle minds find a new bitchy cheerleader to fall in love with.

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