Saturday, May 7, 2011

Super Bass: Super Video

With all of our favorite ladies releasing videos this week, you'd think it be tough to pick our favorite. It isn't. While we love Gaga's controversial video about betrayal and Taylor's anthem to bullies, its Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass" that warms us up the most.

There's no deep, controversial plot or symbolism. It's not a song to make those picked on feel better about themselves. It's just a fun, poppy song with an even more fun, even poppier video. Hot pink, hotter guys and black girls in black light. Nothing says "Bring on the summer!" better.

We're glad Nicki is wearing her hair down again - our girl looks sick in this video. The Bride of Frankenstein hair was fun, but this is the Nicki we know and love. From now on, we're only buying bathing suits if we have matching heels and matching wigs. And yes, we found our Halloween costume for this year... those denim booty shorts and crimped pink wig is calling our name.

This video really makes us excited for pool parties, sexy men and nice weather. We want to find a boy with a booming system, top down, AC with the cooler system so we can blast this song as we drive down the highway together.

If any of our fans know of a man that matches this description, please send him our way. Or if you know a tasty chocolate man we can swim in a pink pool with, we'll settle for him, as well.

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