Saturday, May 7, 2011

Still in love with JUDAS, Baby...

Well... it's official. We're in love. We know the video didn't do much for everyone, but for us - it certainly did.

A little bit "Jesus Christ Super Star" with a little bit of classic Gaga, we're left with a great video that isn't so blasphemous to make us feel like we're packing for Hell by watching it but just blasphemous enough to keep conservatives bitching and us loving.

We weren't really a fan of the "Born This Way" video - it was just too weird for us. Even on Gaga standards. "Telephone" still remains our favorite video of hers - a great mix of dancing and plot, but "Judas" is definitely a close second.

Girlfriend has obviously been working on her dancing skills. While some people are critiquing the choreography, her moves are the best we've seen from her. Work that body, gurl. You're doing great. Also - this is the hottest you've ever looked. The Lady can pull off a bandana better than anyone we know. (And that's tough to write because we can sport a bandana like nobody's business...)

Plus... we know we're not supposed to view Jesus as a sex symbol, but this is by far the hottest Jesus we've ever seen. Good job at casting, Gags. Keep up the good work.

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