Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spring Movie Round-Up: Going To The Chapel!

We've been invited to more weddings this spring than the past few years combined. And we've had more fun at the past few weddings than some we've attended in the past... It makes us feel some type of way, however, that all the weddings we've been going to this month have been on the big screen.

Don't get us wrong - we loved "Something Borrowed," "Bridesmaids," and "Jumping the Broom" - but if you're getting married, invite us. They don't call us "The Fun Alcoholic at Weddings" for nothing. We know how to tear up a dance floor. And we make a bangin' guest book attendant. Just sayin.

But moving on... Instead of posting three separate reviews for these movies, we decided to give a quick run-down of all three in a short wedding themed post.

"Something Borrowed"

This movie manages to fall into both the "something old" and "something new" categories of wedding movies. Sure, we've seen Kate Hudson play the entitled friend who is kind of a bitch before and we've seen the always cute Ginnfer Goodwin play the quiet girl, unlucky in love who people seem to walk all over. So we're just taking their roles from previous films and making them best friends.

However, when Rachel (Goodwin) sleeps with Darcy (Hudson)'s fiance...and keeps sleeping with him... we're left wondering what Rachel will choose - friendship or love. Because let's face it, bitch - you're not getting both. This movie literally gave us anxiety as we waited for the big "reveal" scene that all chick flicks have. And when it finally arrived, it did not disappoint.

 Again, the plot is really nothing new. We've seen love triangles before. We've seen the formulaic chick flicks before. But yet there's something about this movie, "something new" if you will, that makes it fresh. It's a lot better than we thought it was going to be. While we don't enjoy "The Office," it's John Krasinski who steals the show as Rachel & Darcy's childhood friend who has a secret of his own.


The best comedy of the year, and possibly the best wedding movie ever, "Bridesmaids" takes the (wedding) cake in the list of "Must See Movies" this spring.

The funniest parts of the movie are easily the scenes where Kristen Wiig plays big screen versions of characters she plays on SNL, but we're still in love. There's something about her awkward, quiet high pitch voice that translates well to both the small screen and a theater's big screen. She's the best comedienne we've seen in a long time (sorry, Tina Fey...) and we love her in anything she's in. We're just glad she's finally getting the chance to show the world she can play leading lady material.

While previews don't really show what the movie is about, the film follows Annie (Wiig), as she plans her best friend (Maya Rudolph)'s wedding. Things go majorly wrong, as always, and Annie is left more lonely and depressed than ever before. It's a comedy with heart, back story and character development that still makes you laugh out loud.

"Jumping The Broom"

If we didn't love black men before (we did...), this movie would have certainly changed our mind. Pooch Hall, Romeo... get.in.my.belly.

Anyone else in the mood for hot chocolate?

Besides the eye candy during the shirtless football scene, this movie also has enough backstabbing, lies, drama, comedy and heart to keep you entertained for two hours. Like "Something Borrowed," it's nothing new on the wedding movie front - two very different families must learn to accept each other to make a wedding work - it's certainly better than some of the other wedding movies that have followed this plot.

Sabrina (Paula Patton) comes from a wealthy black family while Jason (Laz Alonzo) comes from a blue collar family in Brooklyn. However, their love surpasses their backgrounds and they quickly get engaged although they've never met each other's families. Wedding planning takes only a month, and when their wedding occurs in Martha's Vineyard, family drama threatens to tear the two apart. Does it? We're not saying... But we will say this movie is one that should not be missed.

Plus Tyler Perry is nowhere to be found in the guestbook. So it's an automatic A in our book.

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