Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Patti LuNOOOOOOO-ne on Glee

Ugh. We knew it was coming. We were just hoping that it was long after "Glee" jumped the shark and our favorites graduated and we gave up on the show.... but no. Season 2 finale. It's going down.

The bane of our existence, our arch-nemisis, Patti LuPone, will be on "Glee."

Rachel and Finn meet her at Sardi's while in New York City for Nationals. Or something. We don't really care enough about the details to research them.

Hopefully nothing important happens in that scene because we plan on using it as a bathroom break.

At least Lea looks cute...


  1. ... We're no longer siblings.

  2. Oh boy. An episode of tired warbling in sharp keys with a bitch attitude to boot. Can't wait?

    Oh wait, yes I can.

    I doubt people will love her performance on the show as much as we all love Cheno :-) So, hopefully this is more a one night stand than Cheno's friends with benefits type deal.

  3. @avkramer - we couldn't agree with you more!!!