Monday, May 2, 2011

Oxygen: A Breath of Fresh Air?

We're not exactly sure what Oxygen is, but just from billboards and ads taking over the city, we're pretty sure it's on its way to becoming one of our favorite new channels.

Beginning June 1, Paris Hilton is back on our screens! Finally! She "sanasaaaaaaaaaaa"'ed her way into our hearts in 2000 on "The Simple Life" with real life BFF, Nicole Richie, but after 5 seasons, we've been praying for a return. (Yes, we're aware of "My New BFF," but we're pretending that doesn't exist and so should you...) Normally we don't like documentary-style reality shows and prefer competition based shows instead, but there's always an exception ("Being Bobby Brown", "The Anna Nicole Show"). Here's hoping "The World According to Paris" is just as Hot as we're hoping.

On June 12, we're introduced to yet another singing-based reality competition this year. "American Idol" is back with new judges, "The Voice" premiered (shocking audiences with a freshness none of us were expecting), and "The X Factor" is on its way to Fox later this year. Oxygen is adding "The Glee Factor" to the list... but instead of these other shows where a contestant wins, only to be forgotten about by the same fickle fans who voted for you (Sorry, Kris Allen... we hope you appreciated our votes), the winner of this show gets a role on Glee. It's hard to be forgotten when you're on the most successful television show in America.

Ok... so we guess 2 shows we're excited for doesn't constitute it as being our new favorite channel, but whatever. When a bitch doesn't have cable and has to stream everything online, 2 shows is a big deal. There's other shows, too - some Tori Spelling wedding show, Bad Girls Club dating games, etc. etc.... but let's just say - we're not as excited for them.

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