Monday, May 2, 2011

Movies We're Waiting For: MAY

Before we begin, be advised this is not a list of every movie coming out in May. It's a list of the ones we're excited for. So yes, there may be movies about long haired super heroes or demon-fighting priests (or something) that didn't make the cut, and yes - there may be Megan Fox movies that you've never even heard of on the list. Get over yourself. You came here for Sexy Trash, and that's exactly what you're getting.

MAY 6:

Something Borrowed
With each movie that she's in, Kate Hudson's characters become less and less likeable. But we like that she's willing to let us hate her in order for us to love the movies. Ginnfer Goodwin, however, is quickly jumping into our hearts... almost as quickly as this little slut jumps into bed with her bestie's fiance's bed. And we love that Colin Egglesfield ("Melrose Place") didn't let his failed television career stop him from chasing stardom on the big screen. And John Krasinski - we love you, but hate the office. Please stick with doing chick flicks so we can see more of you (a full-frontal would be nice...)

Passion Play

When Megan Fox is co-starring in a major blockbuster that's bound to rake in the big bucks (Transformers), we're underwhelmed. But put her in a movie that's bound to flop with some bizarre casting choices and weird plot, and we've already bought our tickets. It's like Jennifer's Body 2. But switch her teeth for wings.

Last Night

Sexy Trash does not condone adultery in real life... but let's be honest - in movies, we love it. Some of our favorite movies deal with the consequences of cheating: the lies, the manipulation, the scheming, the extreme jealousy. "Closer," "Match Point," "Chloe" - the list goes on. Cheating may not do good things for a relationship, but it does GREAT things for movie screens.

MAY 13:


Finally. A starring vehicle for Kristen Wiig. And a female buddy comedy. Movies have shown us over and over again, and we get it - guys hanging out with other guys can be funny: "American Pie," "The Hangover," "Knocked Up," "I Love You, Man." But now audiences will figure out what we've known from real life all along: that girls (and gays) hanging out with other girls are even funnier.

MAY 27:

The Hangover Part II

Here's your proof for "guys having fun with other guys can be funny." And unlike some sequels where you might find yourself saying "They are in the same situation again? Okay... I still love it, but this is a tad ridiculous..." ("Home Alone 2," we're talking to you...), we can assure you that things like this happen. You may say you're never drinking again... but then you wake up at a pizza place. Alone. At 8 am. With no one around except other sleeping hobos. (This is all hypothetical, of course...)

Tree of Life

We love intense previews where you can't tell what the F is happening. And this trailer doesn't disappoint.


  1. Tree of Life, Bridesmaids, Last Night all look great. I'll prob see The Hanover 2, but there's no way it'll be as good as the first. Something Borrowed you can keep. (get it?)

  2. Oh and Passion Play actually looks right up my alley. But considering I've heard nothing but bad things about it. I'll probably skip that as well. Isn't it going straight to DVD?

  3. Passion Play has a limited NY/LA release... probably for like, 2 weeks, though before its DVD release.