Sunday, May 22, 2011

FALL TV 2011: What We'll Be Watching

Well, the Upfronts are officially over and we've watched (and rewatched) all of the trailers that were released for the Fall lineup. After watching them, we picked 14 shows that we're going to give a chance. They won't all last - they never do. But we have to at least say we gave some crappy shows a try and we were the first to know it wouil miserably (sorry, My Generation!) The 14 we picked are by no means the 14 critics will love or the 14 that won't get cancelled - no, we're sure there's some suckfests in here... but there's the 14 we think we will enjoy. Other shows are premiering about prisons or rivers or something... but that's not our cup of tea. So sit back, hate your teenage daughter and plan revenge on good christian belles who live in apartment 23.

14. I Hate My Teenage Daughter (FOX, Wednesdays at 9:30 pm)

We love Jaime Pressley enough to give this a chance. We probably won't watch it for long, but we'll see her shit talk her teenage daughter for an episode or two.

13. Are You There Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea (NBC, Midseason)

Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea... we love your stand-up, we love your talk show, we LOVE your books. But we're not sure we love your show. Chelsea Handler (playing her sister, Sloane) is the best part of the trailer... so here's an idea: instead of having an actress play you, why not play yourself? It worked for Roseanne...

12. The Secret Circle (The CW, Thursdays at 9 pm)

If it's on the CW, we'll always give it a shot. It's "The Vampire Diaries" but with mostly girls. Sure, why not?

11. Hart of Dixie (The CW, Mondays at 9 pm)

We loved Rachel Bilson since "The OC" and it's good to see her back home on The CW. It's not really anything we haven't seen before, but at least it's better than "One Tree Hill."

10. Up All Night (NBC, Wednesdays at 8 pm)

Maya Rudolph and Christina Applegate? In a sitcom? Sold.

9. Charlie's Angels (ABC, Thursdays at 8 pm)

We love Minka Kelly and we love Charlie's Angels. What we don't love is Charlie's voice. Where's the guy from the movie? Maybe we'll just watch his parts on mute...

8. Grimm (NBC, Fridays at 8 pm)

We love love love love fairy tales in all forms - retelling, re-imaging, whatever. So we LOVE the idea of a crime show with familiar fairy tales. If they make each tale one episode, we're nervous about what will happen when they run out of fairy tales... but we'll worry about that when the time comes.

7. Good Christian Belles (ABC, Midseason)

Manipulation. Backstabbing. Bitches. It's everything we love about the CW and Desperate Housewives, but with Kristen Chenoweth and pageant moms. We've been waiting for this day.

6. Revenge (ABC, Wednesdays at 10 pm)

The Hamptons & revenge. Two of our favorite things.

5. Ringer (The CW, Tuesdays at 9 pm)

Welcome home, Sarah Michelle!!! The CW missed you. And now we have two of you. Although one of the twins commits suicide in the first episode, we can pray for Flashbacks so we can see SMG Parenttrap her way through an hour-long drama. We doubt this show will last long, but until it's cancelled, we'll be DVR'ing every episode.

4. 2 Broke Girls (CBS, Mondays at 8:30)

The story of our lives. This looks fresh and fun and we love Kat Denning.

3. New Girl (FOX, Tuesdays at 9 pm)

Zooey on TV. Zooey on TV. Zooey on TV.
In something that actually looks good.
Our dreams are answered.

2. Apartment 23 (ABC, Midseason)

The cute red haired girl from Gossip Girl on a show with Dawson Leery & the baseball coach's daughter from season 2 of Veronica Mars?! Yes, from the cast list alone, we wanted to love this show. But then we saw the preview. And laughed out loud - a lot. Apartment 23, where's our lease? We're ready to sign.

1. Smash (NBC, Midseason)

Glee, eat your heart out. It's everything we love about "Glee" but with better plotlines, more character development and stars that don't need to be auto-tuned. We can't wait.


  1. Clearly this is a direct response to my post. I agree with some of these, but why would you put Chelsea's show in your top 14 when you're blatantly admitting that it doesn't look good? I'll check out most of these, including Smash, Apartment 23, New Girl, and Revenge, and probably Ringer also, though it looks awful. Also, if you love fairy tale stuff, why not include ABC's Once Upon a Time? it looks much better than Grimm, and doesn't look like it'll get old quick. Though it will likely get cancelled.

  2. On paper, we love the idea for Once Upon A Time but the preview left us veryyyyyy underwhelmed. If they would have just had the present day/real world versions of the characters, perhaps it would have won us over, but the actual fairytale scenes... snore. Which is a shame because we REALLY want Gennifer Goodwin in a tv show that we'd enjoy.

  3. Well hopefully you'll give it a chance. It'll need all the viewers it can get.