Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Where Were We??" Wednesday: To Wong Foo

Apparently we've been living under THE BIGGEST homophobic rock that didn't allow anything even resembling gay or fabulous to come near us. In recent weeks, we've learned of a few movies that should have been at the top of our "Must See" list since their debut in, say, 1995... but for the past 16 years, we've been too busy seeing "High School Musical 3" 9 times in theaters to see other classics.

So to make sure we aren't "bad gays" (which we've been called for not seeing some of these films), we're going to try and watch one of these Must-See movies a week and review them. Yes, we're sure that you DON'T need a review for these movies seeing that they've been around for almost as long as you have. But let's be honest - even if you have read a review for these movies, you haven't read a Sexy Trash review. And that's really what's important.

So let's get down to business - this week's movie was going to be "Honey." Our friend informed us that "Honey 2" would be coming out (most likely direct-to-DVD, let's be serious...) and he wanted us to be the first he told. However, the excitement was lost on us because we never saw the original "Honey." Obviously, insults were thrown and jaws were dropped and we were invited over for a "Honey" movie night immediately. While there, all of the other movies we've never seen were discussed and when "To Wong Foo" was brought to his attention, the world about ended. Clearly, "Honey" was out the window. And as much as we wanted to see Jessica Alba as a hip hop dancer (is that what it's about??), we are thrilled at what followed in its place.

"To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything! Julie Newmar" follows three drag queens as they travel across the country from NYC to California. Their car breaks down in a small mid-western town and they bring their style, passion and fabulousness to its residents.

There's a lot we have to say - Patrick Swayze, John Leguiziamo and Wesley Snipes are probably the last three people you'd think of to play drag queens, but we want to tongue kiss whoever thought to cast them. They are all fantastic in their own way, but it's LEG (who's always just been ehhhh in our books) who REALLY stole the show as Chi Chi Rodriguez, who is basically the drag queen version of Ugly Betty's sister, Hilda. And it's also the role that was CREATED for us if this ever becomes a Broadway show. Yes, we've been practicing our gum chewing, finger waving and Spanish accent in the mirror.

Also brilliant in this movie is Stockard Channing, who is the opposite of comedic relief - we're not sure what that's called, but that's what she is. In a movie filled with laughs, Channing brings us to reality as a battered wife. She's wonderful in all that she's in, obviously, but this movie bumped Rizzo to the side for us. Sorry, French...

We want everyone we've ever met to watch this movie and we want to beat the shit out of 9-year-old us for never seeing this. With a PG-13 rating, why the hell weren't we watching this? Too busy watching "Fivel Goes West?" Get over yourself.


  1. I know you brought this movie to my attention before, and I'm trying to think of why... did I remind you of the Spanish one?

  2. I didn't see it until last week, so I really have no idea why I would have spoke of it sooner. Haha... You remind me of Ugly Betty's sister, and so does the Spanish one. So maybe?

    But really, I didn't know enough about this movie to make any comparisons. So I have NO idea.

  3. That is without a doubt one of the greatest movies ever made. Though now I cry a little whenever I see P-Swayz :( RIP Vida <3

    "When a man puts on a dress and gets his sexual kicks, he is a transvestite. When a man is a woman trapped in a man's body, he is a transsexual. When a gay man... has WAAAY too much fashion sense for one gender, he IS... a drag queen. And when a tired little Latin boy puts on a dress, he is simply... but a boy... in a dress!" (Entirely from memory, thank you)