Saturday, April 16, 2011

Scream 4

NOTE: This review is relatively spoiler-free. What makes the "Scream" franchise so fun/great is the mystery aspect/the unknown, and while we DO like to ruin lives and tell the ends of movies to our closest friends (Country Strong, anyone??), we would NEVER ruin ANYTHING about a "Scream" film. With that said....

No horror movie opening scene will ever be as good as the original "Scream." Not a sequel, not a remake, nothing. There was something so pure and twisted and horrifying about those 13 minutes that can never be recreated - call it the unknown, call it the unexpected, call it originality, call it Drew Barrymore. What the exact reason is for that flawless, iconic scene is - we're not sure. But we do know the mix of horror, anticipation and anxiety can never come close to being recreated... and it seems like the "Scream" creators find this out the hard way because as each "Scream" movie comes, the opening kills get progressively worse and worse...

Scream: We've discussed this. Drew Barrymore. Iconic. Horrifying. Chilling. Heart breaking. Still gives us nightmares.

Scream 2: Jada Pinkett and Omar Epps. Still scary, but the build-up is not as horrifying as the original because we know what we're getting ourselves into. However, Jada's front-of-the-auditorium scream is made of win.

Scream 3: Cotton Weary and a pre-"Gossip Girl" Kelly Ruthorford. It's nice to have a "lead" character die in the opening scene, but...ehh. The weakest opening kill in the series until...

Scream 4: Without giving anything away, this opening scene is more comedic than frightening, leaving us wonder if we're watching "Scream 4" or "Scary Movie." And then a switch is made and we're suddenly supposed to be scared... but we're not. Why? Drew Barrymore, Jada Pinkett, Cotton Weary - it's all people we've seen before and why they may not be at the top of our "Favorite Celeb" lists, it's still someone we don't want to let go of so soon. But "Scream 4" - a couple of stranger bitches (that could use some acting lessons...) we could care less about getting axed? Ehhh. Let it happen.

Besides the less-than-desired opening scene, there's a handful of actresses in this movie that just seem off. Whether it's the character we don't like (Deputy Hicks played by Marley Shelton, Rebecca played by Allison Brie) or the actresses (Aimee Teegarden, Brittany Robertson), there's just something rubbing us the wrong way.

Also, while the body-count got progressively larger with each "Scream" film, we never felt that character development was ever lost and we still found ourselves feeling bad for certain characters as they met their untimely deaths... even if we only got to know them from a minute or two of screen time. With this film, it's almost become a normal slasher flick, killing off whoever they can... and because of that, there's many characters we just watched getting gutted, without feeling any emotion at all. And that makes us emotional. 

However, although everything thus far has been negative, please don't think we left the theater disappointed. We loved it, we'll own it on DVD, we're seeing it again. With mostly an all-new cast, we were worried that there wouldn't be anyone we cared about besides Sidney, Dewey and Gale. And while that's mostly true, a few characters did find a way to sneak their way into our hearts... namely film buffs, Kirby (played WONDERFULLY by Hayden Panetierre) and Robbie (Erik Knudsen), and Sidney's cousin, Jill (Emma Roberts). Also worth mentioning is Jill's ex-boyfriend, Trevor (Nico Tortorella), but for different reasons. Let's just say it's not his acting we're fan girl'ing over...

UNF UNF UNF UNF UNF. Papi, you could get it. Hard.
 A lot of people are saying this movie isn't as scary as the first three. But let's face it - 11 years have passed. We have "Hostel," we have "Saw," and to a lesser degree - we have "Texas Chainsaw Massacre." When it comes to horror movies, nothing shocks us anymore. So get over yourselves. There were parts where we literally gasped louder than anyone has ever gasped at a movie theater, making us feel a tad embarrassed... but at least it shows we're still horrified.

Will there be a 5cream? Maybe. Does there need to be? No. But there didn't need to be a 2,3 or 4, either. As long as people are paying, movies will be made. And as long as movies are being made, we'll be there. "What's your favorite scary movie?" "Scream," obviously. But "Scream 4" definitely makes the cut, as well.

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