Monday, April 25, 2011

The Normal Heart

We got back from seeing "The Normal Heart" on Broadway (which ended at 10:15 pm) and now, at 11:58 - we're still SPEECHLESS.

The official website of The Normal Heart describes it as "the story of a city in denial, THE NORMAL HEART unfolds like a real-life political thriller—as a tight-knit group of friends refuses to let doctors, politicians and the press bury the truth of an unspoken epidemic behind a wall of silence. A quarter-century after it was written, this outrageous, unflinching, and totally unforgettable look at the sexual politics of New York during the AIDS crisis remains one of the theatre’s most powerful evenings ever."

This may be one of the shortest reviews we've ever done, but that's because we are currently unable to speak/think. All we can do is throw up... No performance has ever left us feeling so broken, and we've seen some pretty messed up stuff. The story, the set, the props, the acting - it was all so real, so raw, so chilling, so gut-wrenching... God bless the actors in this production because we can say for a FACT that we would NEVER be able to perform this more than once. It would literally drive us to depression...

Ellen Barkin (Oceans 13, Drop Dead Gorgeous) should just be handed the Tony Award now. There's no need for voting, no need for waiting - this woman deserves it and there's no question in our mind she'll be getting it this year.

Also standing out in this production is Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory) as Tommy Boatwright, the "Southern Bitch." He's definitely the comedic relief of the production, he's definitely the role we'd want to play; but when it's time to get serious, he does. And well. We still won't be watching him on TV, but seeing him live proved to us why he's an award winner.

We've loved Lee Pace since "Pushing Daisies," but while he may have started off as just another closeted pretty face in this play, it is his Act 2 monologue that had us shaking and in tears. Unstoppable tears. Acting students everywhere are googling this monologue for auditions. It made us cry, it made us sick... we won't be able to sleep after hearing it.

This play really does show how far we've come, but it makes us sick to realize how far we still have to go.

"The Normal Heart" opens Wednesday, April 27 and only runs 96 performances. We BEG you to see this production if you can - you won't be sorry.


  1. Will it still be playing when I'm home!? I LOVE WHEN YOU LOVE DEEP THINGS AND IT MOVES YOU!!!! <3 <3 And I love when you tell me about it!!! ANd I love youuuu!!!!

  2. It’s been 30 years! We are long overdue for a cure! Please support re:solve AIDS and the Chronic Disease Fund.