Monday, April 25, 2011


Well, today WAS our day off. Relax, update the site - perhaps be productive, perhaps not. We weren't sure. We just knew we WOULDN'T be going to the Times Square area. We put up with crowded streets and pushing our way through tourists 5 work days a week, why put ourselves through that pain on our day off?

Then a life-changing text arrived in our inbox.

"GLEE is filming in Times Square. Where are you? lol"

This person obviously thought this was all part of some sort of "wish you were here" joke, but what she didn't know is we were already in the quickest shower of our lives, globbing paste in our hair as we ran on the door, still sliding on our flip flops.

Forty five minutes and a train delay later, we were in Times Square. Watching our favorite singing high schoolers film a scene on the famous red steps in Times Square (You know them - Alicia Keys & Jay-Z sing on them in "Empire State of Mind")

The first cast member we spotted was Heather Morris (Brittany) - of course. She's our favorite/future best friend, so naturally our eyes would dart to her first. Then we saw the rest of the cast. Including Ashley Fink (Lauren Zizes). And Chris Colfer (Kurt). That's right - everyone's favorite gay (not ours...sorry) is back in New Directions.

But hold up...


Where was our girl, Naya Rivera (Santana)? Nowhere to be found on set; that's where. If this means Santana doesn't make it to Nationals, we're going to kill bitches.

So, sadly... we don't have pictures of our favorite Glee club bitch. But we do have some great ones of other cast members, including Lea Michele and Cory Monteith.

Mean Mugging.


  1. So jeal it isn't even funny! That is fantastic! Thanks for being the paparazzi for the day!

  2. Who invited rainbow brite to nationals? Clearly that's where my invitation landed by mistake.

  3. OMGLEE!!!! Wait - you have pictures of Brit AND Rachel, who your favorite? Mercedes Benz? Kurt!? AMAZING! <3 Happy for you :)

  4. Ahhhh so jealous!! I love the pictures and the spoiler alert. I'm sure Santata was practicing her Trouty Mouth solo, thus not a part of this scene. Obvi.