Saturday, April 30, 2011

The MotherF**ker With The Hat

We called it for "The Normal Heart" winning the Tony for best actress. Now we're calling it a win for "The Mother Fucker With The Hat" in the categories of Best Actor & Best Set Design. When Tony season rolls around, don't say we didn't warn you...

The official website describes the play as "a new high-octane, verbal cage match about love, fidelity and misplaced haberdashery." It follows Jackie (played by Bobby Cannavale) who is on parole and living clean and sober under the guidance of his sponsor, Ralph D (Chris Rock), while still living with and loving his volatile soul mate Veronica (Elizabeth Rodriguez) who is fiercely loving, but far from sober. Still, their love is pure. And true. Nothing can come between them – except a hat.

We've been to many Broadway shows before - both plays and musicals - and we've often been so moved by dramas that we've left speechless/in tears, or found the material so funny that we've held our sides in pain from laughing so hard at comedies. However, with this play... while following the plotline of a drama, it's very much a comedy. Sure, technically, it is a drama. But not so much one with "comedic relief" thrown in randomly to make sure you don't kill yourself afterwards due to heavy depression, but one that is genuinely laugh out loud funny throughout the entire production.

Rock, while the weakest in the production, isn't bad. He's just... Chris Rock. Cannavale, hands down, transformed into Jackie - physically, mentally, emotionally. He's far from his "Funky Spunk" days and hardly recognizable as Vince from "Will & Grace." We got the chills and felt what he felt throughout the whole play; we were rooting for him, we were praying for him. He made us love an ex-convict who was trying to beat an addiction while searching for the truth in his other addiction: Veronica. Rock, however, was like every role we've ever seen him in - just wearing a "I'm a Rehab Coach" suit. Don't get us wrong - he was funny and said jaw-droppingly crude things... but that's to be expected from him.

We're dying to see it again. We're sure it won't be as wonderful as the first time - 1. Because we know what to expect and 2. Because we won't be FRONT ROW. CENTER. like we were our first time.... ya know, with our new besties Alec Baldwin and Michael Stahl-David (Cloverfield) sitting directly BEHIND us. read that right. We had better seats than Alec Baldwin.

And we met Bobby Cannavale (who spit on us in a scene where he was only wearing a towel. In case you were wondering...)

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