Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hey Nicki, Hey Nicki - Asthma.

Last week, all of our dreams came true. Well, most of them. And we weren't even trying... they just sort of fell into our lap. We were on our way to dinner when we passed Sarah Jessica Parker shooting "New Year's Eve" (which brings us one step closer in our six degrees of seperation from ZEfron). When we arrived at dinner, we were two tables away from Kourtney Kardashian. Later that night, our friend texted us informing us she had a free ticket for us to a NICKI MINAJ CONCERT.

Would you like to read that again? Don't bother - we'll recap. FREE TICKETS TO A NICKI MINAJ CONCERT.

The concert was in honor of Nicki becoming a spokesperson for the new camera, Tryx, available at Best Buy. It was standing room only and began at 9 pm, so naturally, we arrived at 4 pm. And it worked for the best... seeing as we were in the FOURTH ROW. (We were also the only white people, which we LOVED.)

In case you were wondering what Nicki looks like from 4 rows away, here's your answer:

She performed all of our favorites: Bottoms Up (our ABSOLUTE favorite).

Super Bass (which we STILL can't get the rap down for...)

Roman's Revenge.

Monster (which.was.SICK!)

We were heartbroken when we couldn't get tickets to the Wayne & Nicki tour, but now that we've seen our girl from four rows away... we're kind of okay with it.

And we're saving up (and hoping that this blog starts making money) so we can go to the Britney/Nicki concert in June.

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