Tuesday, March 22, 2011


In what can only be described as "The most WTF movie we've ever seen," Kaboom is a movie that changes tone/plot more often than we change underwear (which isn't a lot, but still... this movie brainfucked us...and not in a good Black Swan way, but more in a roofied-and-wake-up-the-next-day-in-a-pizza-parlor kind of way...)

The movie starts out fine. A sexy "I don't like labels" (read: bi-sexual) guy (Thomas Dekker) fantasizes about his college roommate, sleeps with some girl on the side, meets some guy at a party. It's all fine and very American Pie with better, snarkier dialogue.

And then comes the drug scene.

At a party, our resident sexy bi guy does some kind of drug. On the way home, a girl runs up to him in a panic, asking for help as she slips something in his pocket. Men in animal masks are chasing her. He gets knocked out as the two run from the animal men. It's too much for us to handle, to be honest...

The next morning, he wakes up in his bed. Was it all just some bad trip? Maybe... he begins searching for the girl he met the night before and finds himself in the middle of... well, we don't want to give too much away, but...

In the following blurb, only one of these is a lie:

Witchcraft, the end of the world, kidnapping, numerous murders, a conspiracy theory, mixed up identities and a threesome.

Okay...none of those are a lie. It's just a hot mess of a movie... One that we're not sure if we liked or not. We'll definitely buy it on DVD, if that means anything? Whatever. Judge for yourself:

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  1. You see movies I have never even heard of. Then again, I don't get to watch commercials anymore - and therefore trailers. Look for the sequel: KABOOM I'm Amish.