Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"S&M" video

Rihanna has her haters, and while we've sat back and listened, we never really got it. "She's overplayed." Right. She has good songs, so they play them on the radio. That's usually how it happens. "Her music changed after the Chris Brown thing..." Wouldn't yours?

Stop hating and start loving. It's obvious that Rihanna is at the top of her game. If there was any question, her new video, S&M, proves it. It has more whips, ball gags, and chains than our Friday nights... and while certain artists doing this would make us uncomfortable, for Rihanna, it just works. It manages to be fun, dark, sexy, and dangerous all at one time. And yes, we also enjoy the use of being tortured for pleasure in the media. Rihanna, you're so deep.

But what we don't like is seeing Perez Hilton's ugly mug. Again - we get it. The face of negative media is Perez Hilton, so the way to show your attack against the media is to show your attack against Perez. But couldn't you hire a look-a-like? Why give more money to someone who continually makes fun of you? Because you like it... Rihanna, you're a sick bitch. A sick, sick bitch. That we love.


  1. Good video. I never really loved this song until I saw it. Which is what any good video should do!

  2. LOVE this video & always loved the song!! i think riri has been back since only girl, but this is gonna be huge comeback song!!