Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hold It Against Me

Visually, we love finding symbolism anywhere we look. Movies, TV shows, photo shoots, music videos - we love it. We're not really fans of it in books (which is why some of us stopped being English majors...and we still refuse to believe "the Chamber of Secrets" in Harry Potter is symbolic of a woman's vag, no matter what some professors may say). So the fact that Britney's new video to "Hold It Against Me" is full of symbolism and commentary on her life without throwing it in our face makes us extremely happy.

The video follows Britney, rising on a pedestal and looking flawless in a white gown past clips of many of her old videos. Video cameras and flashing cameras are aimed at her as she rises in the spotlight. As she rises high, the video cuts to Britney fighting. Herself. Britney vs. Britney. We cut back to Pedestal Britney as she splatters paint on her white gown and the old video clips, ruining everything that seemed so pure at the beginning of the video. As Britney vs. Britney continues, Pedestal Britney falls and curls into a fetal position. The Rise and Fall of Britney, Britney is her own enemy... we could (and can't wait to) find even more symbolism in this video.

And if you think all of this is bullshit, you at least get to watch Brit Brit fight herself and splatter paint Willow-style on a white gown while gays in booty shorts dance around her and come out of her skirt like The Nutcracker. Everyone wins.

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