Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy "Hold It Against Me" Premiere Day!

We like many holidays. Birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick's Day - they obviously all make the list, but the holiday that we've possibly been waiting the longest for has finally come. Happy "Hold It Against Me" premiere day!!

That's right. It has come. We've been waiting since October 2009 to have Britney on our TV/computer screens, and now we get our wish with "Hold It Against Me." If the seven second teasers that we've been watching for the last two weeks are any indicator, we're in for a treat. Do we think "I'm A Slave" Brit Brit is back? Probably not. She never will be. But look in the mirror. Are you the same person you were 10 years ago? No. We all go through changes, and that's fine. But we can pray that she's on the right track.

In honor of this national holiday (that we SHOULD have off work for, hint hint...), we decided to list our top 10 favorite Britney Spears music videos. Enjoy!

And don't forget to watch Britney's new video at 9:55 EST tonight on MTV!

10. Piece of Me
No, there's no intricate dance moves, but in a nice "F You" to paparazzi and media, Britney owns our hearts in this video.

9. Me Against the Music
We love anything where Madonna chases Britney.

8. Circus
One of her best videos out of her newer material, "Circus" reminds us of the old Brit Brit.

7. Oops, I Did It Again 
You know you made it big when Jack and Grace perform your dance routine on Will & Grace.

6. Sometimes 
It's simple. It's cheesy. It's perfection.

5. Crazy
Melissa Joan Hart, Britney yelling "STOP," and a 50's diner/night club? What could be better?

4. Hit Me, Baby, One More Time
An icon in music videos, Britney's first video is one that people will never forget.

3. I'm A Slave For You
Clearly Brit Brit's sexiest video. It makes us like girls for 2.5 seconds. Almost.

2. Lucky
We just love a good storyline. And in this song that was clearly begging for help, we can't help but want to
reach out to the broken star.

1. Toxic
When she dances through the lasers, it gets us everytime. And yes, we've tried to recreate it numerous times.

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  1. missing from this list: "every time"