Friday, February 25, 2011

"Blow" doesn't blow, but it confuses us...

We're not 100% sure what we just watched. We know that during the "Hold It Against Me" video we said we love finding symbolism in music videos, but we're not sure there's symbolism to be found in this one... we're just confused.

One can safely assume that this video is the product of someone with much brain damage. We're imaging the meeting where some mentally challenged toddler (with a love for "Dawson's Creek") and a drug problem brought in the storyboard with unicorns that explode into rainbows when they are shot... by James Van Der Beek.

And why is everyone trying to make "Ke-dollar sign-ha" happen? It was funny on Glee, but enough is enough.

There's too much going on in our brains right now. We know some people will love this video, some people will hate it - for us, it's in the middle. Sure, we enjoyed it. But we won't be watching it again anytime soon.

There's something that we're sure we can all agree on, though - James Van Der Beek has only gotten better with age. He wasn't exactly the looker during his Dawson years, but he is definitely shaping up.


  1. 1. that is too weird and not in the good way

    2. someone should tell dawson that 2011 is the year of britney's comeback, not james van der beek's

  2. I'm sorry.....what?

    I found myself having a squinty odd staring face while watching

  3. Unicorns and glitter. Needs no explanation. That and Kedollarsignha is a coke whore. But we already knew that.

  4. As soon as she said muenster cheese, I couldn't.