Saturday, February 5, 2011

14 Television Couples We Love

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we decided to celebrate love from now until it arrives. Each day, we'll cover 14 things that we love in a specific category. TV couples, movie couples, reality show couples, celebrity couples, love songs, romantic movies... We'll cover it all. Today's category: 14 TV Couples that we love and couldn't imagine our lives without.

Modern Family
These two balance each other out PERFECTLY, and are often the funniest and most heart-warming parts of this show.

Dawson's Creek
Any Joey/Dawson fans can see themselves out... We may have supported a Dawson/Joey pairing for 2.5 seconds, but once we saw a possibility for Pacey and Joey, we followed them until the end.

Harper's Island

We understand that we are the only people in the world that watched this show. Week after week, we watched victim after victim die in this murder mystery/horror movie-type show. We were entertained and horrified, but it wasn't until Cal and Chloe's deaths that we were heartbroken. We have never cried so much at a television show..

True Blood
We haven't seen Season 3 yet, so if anything happens to these two, we don't want to know. But watching these two explore their relationship is one of our favorite parts of this show.

Grey's Anatomy
We can feel the backlash already - Mer/Der is this show's golden couple, the Ross and Rachel of Grey's Anatomy, if you will, so why didn't they make the list? Well, Meredith annoys us, and frankly - Derek can do better. And he did do better. With Addison. Yes, we know that after the Callie/O'Malley wedding, things took a turn for the worse (because of that slut, Izzie...), but until then, we loved them together.

Gossip Girl
It's not a healthy relationship by any means, but no one else gets these two as much as each other.
Sex and the City
More backlash. Bring it on. But even more than our annoyance for Meredith, we have a HATRED for Big. We never liked him and never will. We don't care that he flew to Paris to rescue Carrie, we don't care that he built her a closet, we don't care that he allowed her to cheat on him with Aidan and then he bought her a ring. We'll never like them together. Ever. So instead of focusing on who Carrie would better with, we'll focus on a couple we loved from start to end (of the series... the movies ruined them, and in the case of Samantha/Smith, we pretend the films don't exist.) It's more than the fact that he was there for her through her cancer, but the final scene with the sex and the flower... we.can't.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Some people prefer Buffy with Spike. Some people prefer Angel with Cordelia. And while we certainly warmed up to both of those couples, there's something about first love that we can't deny.

How I Met Your Mother
There's just something about Lily and Marshall that we love. We don't even care who the mother is, anymore. We don't even like Ted that much. We just want Lily and Marshall to have babies and be in love forever.

Will and Grace
We've been rooting for Will and Vince since Vince's first episode, and while they may have broken up for a bit, we knew he'd be back. And we were right. Even 20 years in the future, Vince was still around. And we've never been happier. Now if only we could find a hot Italian cop for ourselves... or at least Bobby Cannavale.

Ugly Betty
Remember when we said we never cried so hard at a television death than Harper's Island? We lied. Ugly Betty introduced Santos as a hard surfaced guy who wasn't comfortable with his son's flamboyant nature, and then made us warm up to him as he and Hilda fell in love and while he opened his heart to Justin. Then, in the same episode that he proposes to Hilda, he gets shot. And dies. Even watching this clip now makes us sob. It was this episode that officially hooked us to Ugly Betty, but we never stopped missing Santos.

Because of this couple, whenever couples seem destined to be together on television but object after object get in their way, they are known as that show's "Ross and Rachel." Yes, at times, it did get old. But only because we liked seeing them together so much that pulling them apart just made us angry. ...and we still think it was out of character for Ross and the whole "break" situation.
Veronica Mars
No, we weren't always Logan fans. In fact, there may have been a time when we were pushing for Duncan and Veronica. But ever since Logan and Veronica's lips first touched, we were rolling around on our bedroom floors screaming. After all, there's a reason the first two letters of their names spell LoVe. And no matter what season 3 may have brought about, we like to imagine if it wasn't cancelled in the middle of a cliffhanger, that we would be satisfied knowing that Logan and Veronica are together.

Boy Meets World
We said it with Buffy and Angel... there's something about your first love. We said it with Will and Vince... we knew they'd be together forever from the first time we saw them together. We said it with Logan and Veronica... our hearts stopped during their first kiss. Bringing a little of each of our favorite couples into one is Cory and Topanga. We watched them grow up together, we watched them fall in love, we watched them get married.


  1. I know/enjoy about 3/14 on this list. But hey, Topangs made it so you will hear no complaints out of this lady friend.

  2. eww i hated callie/george!!! but i love this list. can't believe i forgot about LoVe

  3. I'm gonna go with Veronica/Logan for number 1, Blair/Chuck for number 2, Hoyt/Jessica for number 3, and Buffy/Angel for number 4. The rest I could care less about. Oh, and no one even watched Harper's Island...

  4. Great choices! Hoyt and Jessica are great! Totally forgot about them. And Will and Vince, perfect.

    Ross and Rachel are probably the most annoying couple in TV history though. And Callie and George is a just weird choice, seeing as she's a lesbian, and he's dead.

  5. I don't know anything about these whores. But what about Paula & Simon on "American Idol"?! Sure...they might not be an actual couple, but whatevz!