Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Shore Thing

Let's begin by saying that our Sexy Trash library is identical to the teenage girl section of your local bookstore: Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, anything a celebrity has ever written, and anything that has been turned into a CW show. As a rule, if it's about girls making mistakes while finding love (preferably in high school...) or if it has a hot pink cover, we'll add it to the collection. If it's "written"  by a celebrity, it gets added twice as faster.

Here's your proof.

So when Snooki's book (which is about a 21 year old girl making mistakes while finding love...and has a hot pink cover) hit the shelves, we were the first to buy it. Legit. The Barnes and Noble guy said they got 300 copies in, and after our copy was purchased, there were 299 left. You do the math.

Would this ever be published if Snooki wasn't already famous? Hell no. First off, A Shore Thing is NOT an autobiography/behind the scenes tell-all like many people think. It's a novel. That's right. Pick your jaw up off the floor. Snooki wrote a novel. And we bought it. Shut up.

While Lauren Conrad's L.A. Candy may have possibly come into fruition whether or not she was famous, there is no doubt that A Shore Thing would be NO WHERE near bookshelves if Jersey Shore wasn't the phenemenon that it is. Is she the next hot author? Probably not. But we knew exactly what we were signing up for when we swiped our credit card to purchase A Shore Thing. If you think you're getting Shakespearean sonnets, put the book down and get over yourself. You're getting trashy chick lit that takes place at the Jersey Shore and that is based-but only kind of-on Snooki's life.

While the plot in Conrad's book resembles things that happened in her life, the characters are a mixture of all the people we've come to know from The Hills. However, the only thing made up about the main characters in Snooki's novel are their names. Gia is a 5 foot tall guidette who, when wearing her signature pouf, is 5'4". Her favorite food group is pickles, and she's addicted to tanning and juicehead gorillas. Her cousin is a tall, quick fighting girl whose claim to fame are her new boobs. Hmmm... these girls sound familiar. Oh, right. Because we've been watching them for the past three years. That could be why. Maybe.

The plot, though, is not about them starring in a reality show... which, honestly, surprised us. Instead, the girls move to Seaside Heights to spend a month stress-free, just having fun and looking for men. All doesn't go according to plan, though - Gia's enemy from high school is spending her summer at the shore, as well, and sets out to make sure Gia has a hell of a summer. And Gia's cousin, Bella, is the subject of a bet between two guys... whichever one has sex with her first wins. Mix in possible love interests, looking for jobs, family problems and the stress of what the future holds and we have ourselves a novel - one that legit gave us anxiety. Yes, you read this correctly. We had to take breaks while reading Snooki's novel because we were nervous as to what was about to happen. But like all chick lit, it ends fine.

While it's true that this would have never been published if she wasn't famous, Snooki's first (and hopefully not last) novel was a quick, fun read. We enjoyed it, and fans of the show will, as well. And even if it's not your cup of tea, you can play "Find the spelling/grammar error" on every page... because yes, there are a lot.

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