Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Move Over, Glee Actors... More Celebrity Cameos are Coming Your Way

If being cast as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises wasn't enough, Anne Hathaway is determined to be on Glee. She's said it in interviews before... she has her role already picked out (as well as song choices) - she'd play Kurt's lesbian aunt. It's cute, really. Everyone from 12-year-old girls to 24-year-old gays to A-list actresses dream of being on Glee, and fantasize about what role they'd play.

What's not so cute is when the fantasy becomes a reality - sure, we love guest appearances. Gwyneth won us over as the substitute, and we can't wait to see her second appearance on the show as she substitutes for the sex ed class. And we like Anne Hathaway. And we know she can sing. So what's the problem, exactly?

The problem is good ol' Ryan Murphy let Anne write her own part. That's right... she will be playing Kurt's lesbian aunt. And we're sure Murphy can spin a "plot" around songs she's picked, but is this the way shows should be written? Any Tom, Dick or Hathaway can come prancing from table to table at the Golden Globes, spouting off plotlines they've planned out for themselves? If that were the case, we would have been on Buffy, Glee, Greek, 90210, Veronica Mars, Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, Melrose Place, Hannah Montana, and Desperate Housewives by now. Well, if we had a ticket to the Golden Globes...

But we were never invited. So while we're forced to still act out our Glee guest appearances with our little sister's Barbies, Anne Hathaway will be living her dream as Kurt's lesbian aunt in what may be the show's most forced plotline since the Christmas episode...

But, Ryan Murphy - if you are reading this - we think Santana's gay older brother should return from college to see her at Regionals and set his sights upon Kurt. When Kurt turns him down (as if...), said brother decides to ruin his life by sleeping with Blaine. And Puck. And Sam. And Mr. Schuester. All of his songs will be during his seduction/sex scenes and will be famous Enrique Iglesias tunes. You in?


  1. Just because Gwenyth doesn't make our ears bleed doesn't mean we love her as the substitute. I think she sounds whiny and strained and the more she sings "Forget You" the more I wish I could.

    That being said, I <3 Anne Hathaway, as most red-blooded Americans do. So I'm more than excited to see her on Glee and see her sing...well, whatever song she wants. She knows what sounds good, so why not let'er go for it?

    I think Ryan Murphy goes through phases with the plot of Glee. Sometimes he's with it and together and everything makes sense. And then sometimes he forgets that he's in charge and says "I like this song...let's write an episode about it. Minimal plot. Maximum tunage".

  2. I'm tuning in for "Tonight I'm...with cousin Donny".

    I love Anne and I'm also more than thrilled of this appearance. I think most of the celebrity appearances have been phenom so far. Although Brit Brit could have been used more.