Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kristen Bell, Why Won't America Love You?

 With You Again coming to DVD on February 8, we decided to take a look back at Kristen Bell's career. With 44 projects under her belt, why isn't her name a household one that flows easily from our tongues? Well, it flows off ours, but we ask - why doesn't it flow from yours?

We've watched her since Veronica Mars, and we've been waiting for her to blow up since then. But as time passes, and she's cast in supporting role after supporting role, we feel the hope in our hearts shrinking little by little. Burlesque? We loved it, but her 15 minutes on screen won't have anyone raving about her performance (except us.)

We hear you, we hear you. Some people are just meant to be supporting roles than living life as a leading actress. Well, if you think that about KBell, it's obvious you've never seen Veronica Mars, but even more so - you're lying.

It's happening to Emma Stone, who was just a supporting actress in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and The House Bunny. Suddenly, she's blowing up.. Zombieland, Easy A, Spiderman.

And KBell's Veronica Mars' BFF, Amanda Seyfried, already had her BAM moment. Going from the sidekick in Veronica Mars and Mean Girls to owning the screen in Dear John, Jennifer's Body, Mamma Mia, and the upcoming Red Riding Hood.

So what do these two girls, and others who have done it before (Rachel McAdams, we're talking to you...), have that KBell doesn't have? KBell is just as pretty as these two, Brutus is just as smart as Ceasar... oops. We mean, KBell is just as talented as these two. So WHY do other actresses blow up out of nowhere, quickly skipping steps on the ladder to fame and award show nominations while others seem to be stuck somewhere in the middle?

Sure, we hear her voice every week on Gossip Girl. Big deal. And she was flawless as the title character in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but it seems that her co-stars (Russell Brand, Mila Kunis) are making the rise to fame while KBell stays nestled on Fame Ladder rung #5. We want you to bop to the top, KBell. Do it for us.

Could it be possible that KBell is this decade's SMG? We think yes.

Her best role was, and will always be, the title character of the show that made her famous (Veronica Mars/Buffy). And while she may have a great movie under her belt (Forgetting Sarah Marshall/Cruel Intentions), most of her movie roles seem to fall flat (When In Rome/Simply Irresistible). However... SMG is coming back to TV, in what will hopefully be a great new show and launch her career like we've been waiting for. So, it's your move, KBell. You're already back on TV.... Well, your voice is. But we think it's high time you launched that career. We have our money ready to buy tickets to anything you're in, so please let us spend it...

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  1. I was a late bloomer being introduced to K. Bell. But when I saw the first episode of Veronica Mars, I had found a new bff! She's been great in everything I've seen and with Veronica Mars, always left me wanting more. I, along with sexytrash, would love to spend some more money on some quality new K.Bell work!