Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"I Can Stick My Whole Fist In My Mouth, Wanna See?"

If that was Amanda Seyfried's pick-up line, we can see why Ryan Phillippe is interested...

And if Amanda Seyfried has eyes, we can see why she is interested...

But yet, we're not sure we approve of this celebrity pairing 100%.

Sure, we'd watch a sex tape of the couple - more than once. Hell, we'd DVR it. But if the pairing, who have been caught leaving parties/events together since Halloween but are just now taking the plunge to be seen in public and in daylight, is together for anything more than physical reasons, well... we're torn.

1. Amanda is too young to be a step-mother.
2. Amanda needs to return to Dominic Cooper, and Ryan may be the Kevin Federline that stops that from happening... (Yes, we're saying Britney & Justin would be re-united by now if it wasn't for KFed...)
3. Ryan broke Reese's heart. And he could and would do the same to Amanda.

We don't care if Ryan gets hurt in any of this, so Amanda can do what she wants. We get it, girl, we do. We'd do the same. But just remember - you can give him whatever he wants... as long as it's not your heart.

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  1. ugh i just love amanda and dominic together so much.