Thursday, January 20, 2011

B.E.T. Your Young Money That Tomorrow There'll Be Sun...

Willow Smith may have to start whippin' a red clown wig if her dad and Jay-Z have anything to say about it...

Will Smith is in talks with Sony to remake the classic musical Annie with Willow as the title role. Jay-Z is potentially going to work on the music...which we can only hope means adding sick rhymes and hip hop beats to the already written show tunes, a la:

Because we'd hate if they disposed of the classic tunes and went with 100% new songs; we know how updating classics using new raps and hip hop songs can ruin a movie... Jay-Z can ask his wife how Carmen: A Hip-Hopera turned out.

Besides new songs, casting could also be a hit or miss issue. Quite frankly, we'll be pissed if this isn't an all black version. Why cast Willow Smith and have rap superstar Jay-Z in production, and ruin it with boring white people filling other major roles? It's no surprise that black people do everything better. After all, wasn't that the moral of the story in Dreamgirls? That's what we took away from it, at least... Whatever. In any case, if Hollywood big shots were thinking of leaning the white way, the Sexy Trash staff has made a cast list for you to follow so you can do it the right way -

Annie: Willow Smith, obvi.

Miss Hannigan: Whitney Houston

Daddy Warbucks: Taye Diggs

Rooster: Usher

Lily St. Regis: Nicki Minaj

Grace: Gabrielle Union


  1. Uh-MAZE-ing! My credit card is already ready to buy those tickets. My ears are ready for those sweet rhymes and AWESOMENESSSS that is this "cast". Please. let. this. happen.

  2. Hmm...diverting a little from my original casting decisions. But I like it.

    Frankly, I'd go just to see Willow as Annie.

    ....How does Will Smith know me so well?