Friday, January 21, 2011

American Idol - New Judges, You're Going to Hollywood!!!! So is everyone else....

Let's face it - American Idol has been over for a while now. We were okay with the four judge format... you need to mix it up, stay fresh - we get it. Kara was useless, but nice to look at, and that was fine - when she was sitting next to America's favorite trainwreck, Ms. Abdul. But when Paula checked herself out, so did we. Bringing on Ellen as her replacement was a joke - one that we didn't understand the punchline to. And when news broke that Simon was leaving, it was obvious that the show would really never be what it used to be.

It was nice that Kara and Ellen were shown the door as Simon left, though. If he made his exit and left that mess of judges at the table, we'd lose all respect for him. Telling young hopefuls they'll never make it? Fine, we still love you. But leaving us with Ellen, Kara and Randy as judges? We don't know which one is the most useless as a judge...

So, although we'll always miss the Simon/Paula pairing, our hopes rose when we heard Jennifer Lopez was filling the famous middle chair. Steven Tyler in Simon's chair didn't thrill us or disappoint us - we don't really think about him one way or another... but J.Lo, oh, we think about her. And we love her. Gigli, Jersey Girl, falling down on award show performances - we don't care. We're there for her through all of it.

But we caught the premiere this week... and while we love watching J.Lo, they are far too nice. Sure, sometimes it pained us to hear Simon crush dreams, but anyone can allow anyone with a voice on to the next round... why hire Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez to do it? Watching them "YES" contestant after contestant got boring... and if their feedback to the Top 24 is the same way, we're predicting a very boring season with a very whitebread winner.

But we're sure there will be another season. There always is... for some reason, America won't give up on this show. Well, feel free to call us Canadian... because we're giving up.

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