Saturday, January 22, 2011

10 TV Shows We'd Like To See As Musicals

Since the news of the Annie reboot, we've been suffering from Broadway fever. Even as we type this, we're belting out Legally Blonde and Wicked show-stoppers. We've been choreographing dances on the subway as our iPod shuffles from song to song, we've been creating songs for any and every occurrence, and we've been thinking of what scenarios would make good plots for musicals. With yesterday being a big night in television (Real Housewives finale and the second episode of Jersey Shore IN ONE WEEK), we got around to thinking... some TV shows would really translate perfectly as a great stage show. (No, Spiderman is not one of them.)

And before we begin... Glee isn't one of them, either. We get it - it's practically a stage show already; it's a fun show with great performance numbers. So what's the problem? Without the TV cast playing their roles, the show would fall flat. And let's face it - while some (Lea Michele, Matthew Morrison, Darren Criss, Jonathan Groff) could easily reprise their roles on stage, others (Cory Monteith, Dianna Agron) wouldn't be too hot without the auto-tuning machine they've come to love so much. Plus, Glee plot lines are always hit or miss (usually miss), and musicals without great plots leave audiences wanting more and posting negative reviews on their blogs... Just ask Spiderman.

Sex and the City
We've watched our girls conquer men, New York City and even other countries. So why not Broadway?

Gossip Girl
Much like our Cruel Intentions musical, Gossip Girl has enough sex, scandal, heartbreak, lies, frenemies, and backstabbing to fill two and a half hours on stage. And Leighton Meester can play Blair, obviously.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
While Buffy already had a musical episode, we want a whole new plot and brand new songs. The plot will obviously focus on the Apocalypse, as does all things Buffy, and would ideally take place pre-Dawn, while Buffy was in high school. Because let's be serious - that's when our girl was at her best.

Three's Company
This show was always very much a farce, and we always thought it would translate well to the stage. So why not just add music? Plus, anything with the 3 leads in booty shorts makes anything great.

The Simple Life
We're aware this is a reality show, but think Legally Blonde meets Working. Two spoiled rich girls from LA get sent away to Arkansas with no credit cards or cell phones to live with a local family. In the process, they learn more about themselves and their friendship.. perhaps the Paris/Nicole feud would fit nicely in the middle? That's hot.

Full House
Unlike other choices on our list where focusing on plot lines from specific points in the series, we think an original storyline would work best for a Full House musical. Perhaps a real send off to the series? Instead of Michelle losing her memory from falling off a GD horse... we're still pissed.

Ugly Betty
We loved watching Betty for four years as she grew into herself and found herself moving up in the Meade offices. We miss her, we miss Marc and Amanda, we even miss Daniel. We'd be more than happy to buy a ticket for a Betty musical on opening night if it means getting to see all of our favorite characters again.

Pretty Little Liars
While Season 1 isn't even over yet, we figure the musical could focus on important plot lines from the first season, as well as the big reveal of Ali's killer. Be sure to stick around for the finale, "Gonna Find This Bitch" when the girls discover A's identity.

Desperate Housewives
We've been planning this musical since the show premiered. The mystery of Mary Alice's death would be the main plot with dashes of our favorite housewives sprinkled in. We'd pay full ticket price just to see Gaby/John duets... only if he's shirtless.

Jersey Shore
Focusing only on plot lines from the first two seasons, songs could include "Cabs are hea'," "G.T.L," "Rock the Pouf." However, the real showstopper will obviously be Snooki's ballad, "Talkin' Bout A Guido."

I want a man with a tan
And a little bit of muscle,
And by 'little bit,' I mean a lot.
A guy who is fly
And will put up with my hustle,
And it won't hurt if he's hot.

I'm talkin' bout a guido,
Juice head or gorilla -
Come and party my way,
But take it easy, Killa'.
Cause I like it rough,
But don't punch me in the face
Cause I learned from my mistakes,
And now I carry mace.
I'm talkin bout a guidooooooooooooo.

(And yes, we wrote that ourselves... MTV, feel free to contact us to make this musical a reality.)


  1. As for the casting of Annie, I'm already buying advanced tickets for all of these productions. <3

  2. 300% behind "The Simple Life: The Musical." If there was a choreographed, fully orchestrated rendition of "Sunna Sa" I just might die of overwhelming happiness.

  3. So good, right?! I'd want a whole act dedicated entirely to the SONIC episode, as well... Best.episode.ever.

  4. Oh "we" wrote that ourselves did "we"