Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Future "Best New Artist" Winner Premieres New Video!!

It's clear that Karmin will be sweeping MTV Award shows next season. We've loved her as soon as we saw her covering various rap songs on Youtube (and doing better than some of the original artists).

But now she has her OWN video to her new single, "Crash Your Party." Not many artists can sing and rap, but she successfully does both.

We can DEFINITELY picture her taking over our iPods in the very near future.

Also, check out her previous covers on Youtube below:

Look at me now....

Dude, Where's My New Girlfriend?

What the dickens?!?!?!

We just learned from AOL (Yes, it still exists) that Lea Michele and Ashton Kutcher are reportedly dating. We're sorry.... whatttttttttt!? This is NOT news that we're GLEE-ful about.

The two filmed "New Year's Eve" together, and now that the movie is hitting theaters this weekend, rumors are circulating that the two are still hanging around each other.

AOL reported:
Lea plays Ashton’s love interest in the ensemble romantic comedy and it appears that the two forged some major chemistry off-camera during their time together, too! Photographers snapped endless shots of the two engaging in some playful PDA on the carpet — a wedding band-less Ashton whispered in Lea’s ear as ‘Glee’s golden girl giggled … while flashing some cleavage to the cameras.
True or false? We're not sure. We just know that Ashton is no longer with Demi Moore and Lea recently split from Broadway boyfriend, Theo Stockman. We've heard weirder things.... But although we constantly hear that Lea's a major bitch, we still think she can do better.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Taylor Minaj

We love a good musical collaboration as much as the next person gay, but some obviously make us tingle just a tad bit more than others. For instance:

Lady Gaga/Beyonce > Britney/Ke$ha/Nicki Minaj > Jordan Sparks/Chris Brown

Although Taylor Swift has rarely teamed up with other artists to record studio tracks, she expressed interest to MTV earlier this week in pairing up with Nicki Minaj. "I mean, we're not working on anything right now, but I would love to at some point. That would be amazing."

 Taylor, that would be amazing, and we'd love that to happen as some point, as well.

Commenters at various blogs wrote that this is a terrible idea and questioned what kind of music could the two possibly do together. We're going to have to disagree with these biased commenters for two reasons:

1. They've clearly never heard Taylor rap. She could hold her own in a Nicki/Taylor duet.

2. If Taylor decides to go the no-rap route, Nicki does sing. Her "Pink Friday" track, "Save Me" can prove it. So if the two sang together, country and hip hop mesh quite well together. Must we remind you of the following song?

The Cabin in the Woods

Holy. Crap.

To say we've been waiting forever for the trailer to The Cabin in the Woods would be an understatement: A horror movie from two of our favorite creative geniuses, Josh Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Drew Goddard (Cloverfield). Um... what's not to love?

We've been seeing the posters popping up online for about a year now, with hardly any information about a plot. Well, friends... a plot has arrived, and we are READY. 

We love when horror movies can be self aware and still manage to be equally as horrifying (Hey, Scream!)

And we also love anything our light-skinned dreamboat, Jesse Williams (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, Grey's Anatomy, Greek) is in. We can only hope he'll be naked...But even if not, we are counting down the days to its April 13 release.

Bizarre, indeed...

Sometimes things are so bad they're good, and we have to keep coming back for more. From Justin to Kelly and Showgirls are just a couple of examples.

And sometimes things are so bad they're just bad. The following video is a perfect example...

It literally pains us that we're posting this on our site, but we just have to share this mess video.

Bizarre, a member of D-12, recorded this video to share his love for Nicki. We'd rather he didn't....

The only part of the video we like is the "Hey Nicki" part, and all they did was change "Mickey" to "Nicki," so that's not saying much.

The Nicki and Drake look-a-likes? We look more like Nicki and Drake than these fools do.

Also, this rap is awful.

And to end it, we'll be more than okay if we never hear this man ever discuss his sexual fantasies/practices again.

We're still shivering...

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Farrah Abraham: Teen Moron

Yesterday, Farrah Abraham of Teen Mom fame, went to Twitter to show her disapproval of Kourtney Kardashian's second pregnancy. She wrote, "I'm shocked Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant again. Did she not learn anything from Teen Mom? Maybe it's a fake pregnancy like Kim's wedding. SAD."

She went on to say, "Double standards in this world? Yes, and guess what? Age and money honestly do not change a person's poor choice. Quit making excuses."

Um... what? Where is this even coming from and what are you talking about? Kourtney is 32 and in a somewhat-stable relationship with her boyfriend of five years. You're a hot a ass mess who only has enough money to raise her baby because you're living off of MTV paychecks. That's not a double standard...

However, the Kardashians didn't just sit and let Farrah get away with these hate-filled tweets.

Kourtney tweeted her, saying, ""Why would I have anything to do with Teen Mom? I'm 32 years old! I may look young, honey, but don't get it twisted."

Kourtney's boyfriend/baby daddy decided to be a tad more blunt and tweeted, ""We're not teenagers, ya f**king moron." 

Of course, since then, Farrah has tweeted that she's sorry for any confusion and it didn't come out the way she meant it. Bitch, get over it. We know you just want to go cry about it...

Friday, December 2, 2011

Survivor/I Will Survive

Ever since the "Rumour Has It/Someone Like You" mash-up, we've been Team Troubletones. We want them to win Sectionals, we want Rachel to quit New Directions and join them; we just adore them.

But now, it's as if these lovely ladies heard our words of admiration and put out another great mash-up to send us into a tizzy. Sugar Motta, we love your father for starting a glee club just to showcase your tone deaf, self appointed aspergers ass.

Check out the Troubletones's soon-to-be #1-on-iTunes performance of "Survivor/I Will Survive" below:

2011 Mashup!!!

December 31, 2009 we spent the entire night listening to a mash-up of all of 2009's hit songs before going out to ring in the new year. Ever since, we've been obsessed with yearly hit mash-ups. We've researched and found ones that date back to as far as 2000. But none are ever as good as the first one we've heard: "United States of Pop" by DJ Earworm.

Until now.

Created by Mashup-Germany, this new mash-up, titled "Top of the Pops: What the Fuck," makes us shiver with excitement. We can already imagine ourselves drunkenly dancing and waving a bottle of champagne above our heads as the ball begins to drop.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Happy New Yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Okay, so we're a TAD early. But it's hard not to be excited to celebrate 2011 while listening to all of the big hits from the past year.

Forget Barbie; F--k Nicki, She's Fake...

Nicki Minaj, who often refers to herself as Barbie, just got a lot more fake.

And we're not talking about bigger ass pads.

Beginning next Wednesday and running until December 19, a one-of-a-kind Nicki Minaj Barbie created by Mattel will be auctioned off on All proceeds will go to Project Angel Food, an organization that provides meals for people affected by HIV/AIDS. The starting bid is $1,000.

“Barbie is obviously a pop culture icon. She’s been in the spotlight for over 50 years, and strikes that chord with girls of all ages in terms of being representative of the times. And Nicki is a big part of pop culture and also huge within the fashion industry, as well as a big Barbie fan. It’s really exciting for us that she’s been so generous to allow us to create this one-of-a-kind doll to support such an important cause,” a Mattel spokesperson said of the collaboration.

Well, it's official - we're not paying rent this month. We're using that money to buy this Barbie. Nicki, I hope you support us when we're homeless.

Nicki Minaj: "Roman in Moscow"


It's already been announced that on February 14, 2012 Nicki Minaj's new album, "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded," will drop. But we've got a first listen of the first official introduction track off the album, "Roman in Moscow."

Roman In Moscow by NICKI MINAJ

The beat is HOT and, quite frankly, we spent the whole song making the stank face.

Stank face.
It's not her best work, but we're feeling it hardcore. And Nicki herself said this was the weakest track off of the upcoming album. So, if this is the weakest, we can't wait to hear the strongest.

Taylor Swift: "Ours"

There's a lot of Taylor Swift hate in the world. Sometimes it comes from us. But not today.

In the video to her newest single, "Ours," Taylor plays a young woman stuck at work who thinks of her lover to help her get through her day. While it may not be the most action packed video out there, it's definitely a memorable one.

The ending is particularly heart warming. You've got a point from us for this one, Taylor.



We don't know why we still let ourselves fall in love with dramas on The CW because it never ends well...

The network recently announced that The Secret Circle and The Vampire Diaries will be renewed for next season, but dramas such as 90210, Gossip Girl, Ringer, Hart of Dixie, and Nikita are still up in the air. Supernatural is most likely returning, but it hasn't been confirmed yet.

Why do supernatural shows always last so long? We love vampires and witches as much as the next person, but why don't people love good ol' fashioned rich bitches anymore?

If 90210 is cancelled, we're not sure how we'll be able to survive...

Happy 30th Birthday, Britney!!

Well, it's finally arrived - and we're not going to lie... there was a brief time period when we were scared we wouldn't see this day, but we're past that, and Britney Spears has turned 30!

It's hard to believe that Brit Brit made her music debut in 1998, only 13 years ago! In that time, she released seven albums and 37 singles, selling more than 100 million records around the world. Also in those 13 years, she's dated Justin Timberlake, allegedly cheated with Wade Robson (upgrade), broke up with Justin, married, divorced, married, divorced, had children, shaved her head, had a meltdown, made a comeback including a Glee episode dedicated to her, and filmed some Pepsi commercials.

In honor of our favorite performer, we've rated the Top 30 Britney videos of all time!

30. Gimme More
29. Radar
28. 3
27. Till The World Ends
26. Criminal
25. Do Somethin'
24. I Love Rock n' Roll
23. From The Bottom of My Broken Heart
22. Overprotected
21. Don't Let Me Be The Last to Know
20. If You Seek Amy
19. I Wanna Go
18. My Prerogrative
17. I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman
16. Born To Make You Happy
15. Boys
14. Womanizer
13. Hold It Against Me
12. Everytime
11. Stronger
10. Piece of Me
9. Me Against the Music
8. Circus
7. Oops, I Did It Again...
6. Sometimes
5. Crazy
4. Hit Me Baby One More Time
3. Slave For You
2. Lucky
1. Toxic

Thursday, December 1, 2011

"Dallas" Revival on TNT

We've never seen Dallas. We don't even know who shot J.R... But after watching the trailer for the Dallas reboot coming to TNT this summer, we're in. For a variety of reasons.

1. It's not a half-ass REMAKE like the flop-tastic Charlie's Angels. Instead, it seems to go more along the lines of the hit 90210, combining old characters and plotlines with new ones. New ones including...

2. Jesse Metcalfe. Yes, he went through his weight gain/tattoo obsessed/douchebag phase. But it's over. Well, at least the weight gain part is. We're not sure about the tattoos and being a douchebag; for all we know, he could be. But that's his business. As long as he looks dead sexy on our screen every episode, we're fans. He won us over as John Rowland on Desperate Housewives and even before that as Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald on Passions. 

3. It will fill our Desperate Housewives void. Well, probably not. BUT everyone that watched the original said it's nice and soapy... so is Housewives. And besides Metcalfe, Dallas stars Brenda Strong (Mary Alice) and Josh Henderson (Edie's nephew). It's a Housewives reunion!!

That's it. Plus, it just looks good. But you can make that decision for yourself below...


S Clubbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb Reunion!

In news that will only make us (and a handful of gays) happy, S Club 7 is reuniting to promote a Greatest Hits album!

While Jo O’Meara, Bradley McIntosh, and Paul Cattermole are still members of S Club 3 (No, that's not a joke...), London's The Sun reports that the four remaining members, Tina Barrett, Jon Lee, Hannah Spearritt and Rachel Steven, plan to join them for the upcoming reunion.

Besides a tour, the group is also rumored to be making a TV comeback. We can only pray. Long before days of DVR, our VCRs were set every week to record "S Club 7 in Miami" and "S Club 7 in LA." Where to now, guys? Please say NYC, please say NYC...

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Keeping Up With The Kar-Gay-Shians

Well, damn. We certainly didn't see THIS coming...

Kris Humphries & Kim Kardashian have been throwing words around E! and to various magazines about the wedding - annulment, divorce, faked, prenup, blah blah blah...

But according to the latest issue of Star Magazine, Kim is throwing a new word into the mix: GAY. As in, "My ex-husband is..."

Kris <3s balls
The article claims that Kris wouldn't touch Kim on the honeymoon, and also states that he's a fashionista, loves going to salons in his spare time, and spends too much time with other men.

Foreplay at its finest.
This whole thing is just a mess. Gay, straight, bi, fake, real, married for love, married for money - we just don't care anymore. Get a divorce, get an annulment; it's fine. Whatever you want to do, you can do. Make a special on E! about it, get some extra dollars, and go about your way. But please... get off of our tabloid covers. We have more important stories to worry about - like Justin Bieber paternity tests.

Justin Bieber & Mariah Carey: All I Want For Christmas

It may be true that Mariah didn't need to re-do this song with anyone - not the Biebs, not Gaga, not even Kris Kringle himself. She owns it all alone. Okay, fine - maybe she should team up with the little girl from Love, Actually because that bitch has PIPES. But besides her, all hail the Queen of Christmas, Mariah Carey.

BUT with that said... we won't say no to any Christmas covers. (Unless they're on the new Michael Buble Christmas mess album.) It's not the best Christmas cover we've ever heard, nor is it necessary, but it's fun and puts us in the holiday spirit... plus, we wouldn't mind having Justin under our tree or shoved in our stockings this year. In this video, Justin looks 1. the most like a lesbian he's ever looked, but also 2. the sexiest he's ever looked. ......we're not sure exactly what that says about our "type," but it doesn't matter; it's Christmas, all bets are off.

Enjoy the Christmas festivities starring Mariah and Justin below:

We're Les MISERABLE With These Casting Choices

Well, Hollywood is about to ruin yet another musical.

We were excited about the news of "Les Miserables" coming to the big screen as a musical. Hugh Grant and Russell Crowe were cast as the 2 male leads, and although they aren't at the top of our "Favorite Stars" list, they're not at the bottom, either, so we were still excited.

Besides, for us, it's the females and their memorable songs that really steal the show for us. So imagine our disdain when Anne Hathaway, the bane of our existence, was cast in the film. We gagged for a moment as we thought about her singing "On My Own" until we learned she'd be playing Fantine. Okay, fine. At least she dies in the first half hour. We can get over it.

But now casting options are traveling the web, and well - it ain't lookin' good.

The four options to play the Eponine are... you may want to sit down for this:

Lea Michele
Evan Rachel Wood
Scarlett Johansson
Taylor Swift.

We just can't....

Lea Michele is the clear choice out of the four. We've heard her sing (these songs) and she played the role on Broadway. We feel the same about ERW that we feel for Anne Hathaway. Scarlett Johansson looks too old for the role. And Taylor Swift - this is a joke, right? We're just imaging her squinting through her death scene, and it's just too much...

We always get SO excited when movie musicals get made. And then our dreams come CRASHING down when we get casting news. Cross your fingers that the casting directors will get their shit together and realize what needs to be done...

Jersey Bore

Oh, good Christ.

This is enough to make us scream "Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

First we had Angelina's "song" and now THIS?

Vinny Guadagnino was our favorite season one. Then he became kind of a douche when he got famous, but we still loved him because he's still the hottest one.

But Vinny, if you're reading (which we're sure you are) - after your attempts at rapping... well, you've officially entered "The Situation Zone." AKA - We hate you.

We understand you want to create an empire, extend your 15 minutes. We're not hating. We love your random cameos on 90210. We support you and your cast mates as you go from reality stars to entrepenurs. In fact, we're proud owners of Snooki and JWoww's books, and we'll probably own Pauly's tanning lotion sometime in the near future.

But this rack city mess? Enough. Leave the rapping for Kanye and you just stick to reality tv. Or gay porn. Now that's a decision we'd support.

Kongratulations, Kourtney!

Well... although our last post about Kim's divorce sent us into a writer's block/protest, we came back to share the great Kardashian news:

Kourtney Kardashian and long-time boyfriend, Scott Disick, are expecting their second child!

The couple announced their news on the cover of this week's US Weekly. Although the couple seems to be at odds in the newest season of "Kourtney & Kim Take NYC," the news of their new child is bringing the two closer.

"Scott and I are so excited to announce that we are expecting our second child and are thrilled to be expanding the love in our family," Kourtney told E! News.

Anything that means these two (and Mason) will be getting more screen time on their E! show is fine with us. We were once Team Kim, but we've been finding that lately it's our Team Khloe & Kourtney shirts that we're washing more frequently, leaving our Kim tee shoved away in a corner.

I want Kourt & Khloe to "Take" somewhere again, leaving their sister behind. Girlfriend is going through a "rough divorce;" she needs a break.

Monday, October 31, 2011

We Didn't Have High Hopes, But Two Months?!

In news that shocks no one... Kim Kardashian and basketball player/douchebag husband, Kris Humphries are getting divorced.

We knew it wasn't going to last, but we at least thought we'd get an E! baby out of it...

And this is not a Halloween trick. It was on E!, so you know this shit's official.

Kim, you should call Reggie. We support it.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Plenty Of Fish In The Sea, But We Only Want Trouty Mouth...

Ever since the role of Sam Evans was cast on Glee, we were in love. He wasn't even on our screens yet, but we knew we found our new Glee boyfriend in the form of Chord Overstreet.

At the time, Overstreet was rumored to be playing Kurt's new boyfriend. So our heart broke we when found out Sam was...wait for it...straight. Just like real life - all the good ones were straight, leaving us only with the Kurts of the world. No thank you.

But then we got used to the idea of him with Santana. But then Santy went full-blown Lez on us, so we enjoyed Single Sam for a little, we were even okay with Homeless Sam, and we were more than excited for Samcedes (the season 3 romance between Sam & Mercedes). 

What we AREN'T okay with is no Sam at all... we don't know what shit went down this summer, and quite frankly it's none of our business (Chord, call us and tell us...), but when season 3 premiered, we were left Sam-less. And in today's world, that's not okay.

We haven't really been feeling this season of Glee - maybe it's the poor song choices (ENOUGH with West Side Story...), or maybe it's the lack of Sam. If it's the latter, all problems will be solved in the season's 8th episode.

I took this picture on my iPhone when we woke up this morning. Fine, you caught me - I don't have an iPhone.

That's right, bitches - Sam Evans is coming back. Just for an episode, but hopefully it's enough shirtless goodness to fill the void left in our hearts.

Welcome back, Trouty Mouth. We've been lonely without you.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


It's no surprise that our tastes in entertainment is the same as that of a 12-year-old girl. Disney shows/movies, tween stars, the CW, any novel "loosely" based on the lives of the celebrities that wrote them. If it doesn't take talent, we're in. And we won't apologize for it.

But while some of our favorite books include Snooki's "A Shore Thing," Lauren Conrad's "L.A. Candy," and Nicole Richie's "The Truth About Diamonds," there's a new book hitting shelves soon that we're not exactly sure we're going to add to our "Sexy Trash Book Club" list. Fine, it'll be on the book club list. But we're not sure we'll like it. summarizes the book as such:

Dollhouse is an addictively entertaining novel about an exciting, high-profile, complicated family with a huge heart and a lot of love. Written by superstars Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe Kardashian, Dollhouse is a delicious glimpse that goes behind the glitter of fame into the hearts of three sisters fiercely devoted to one another and the family they love. Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe combined their truly scandalous imaginations with the secrets they know about life in the fast lane to give you a book like nothing you’ve ever read before!
Nothing is more important to the Rameros than family. Just ask Kamille, Kassidy, and Kyle—three beautiful, loving, and deeply loyal sisters who are the heart and soul of their family. Their mother has remarried and their new stepfather, a world-famous all-star baseball player, has come complete with two stepsiblings. Life in L.A. is pretty typical for this newly blended clan.
Until the day everything changes.
Overnight, one of the Ramero sisters has become famous—magazine-cover, fashion-icon, headline-making famous! Trailed by paparazzi, invited to every red carpet event, she has set a new standard for Hollywood royalty.
You’d think that all the glitz and the glamour would make life a breeze. But as the sisters painfully discover, being a celebrity in L.A.’s gilded dollhouse isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
Suddenly their problems are much bigger than sharing clothes and discussing crushes. Who knew that having a famous sister would bring up so many issues: jealousy, backstabbing friends, fix-ups, plastic surgery, and paparazzi run-ins, to name just a few. As the sisters deal with their new lives, complete with a televised wedding, crazy nightclub parties, and forbidden step-sibling attraction, there’s a huge secret that threatens to break even their tightest family bonds.
Does it sound juicy? Yes. Does it sound exactly like what we've been watching on television for the past 4 years? Yes.

With Conrad's books, the main character, Jane, is obviously based on the author while her enemy is based on Heidi Montag. Other characters are molded from numerous people she knows, but they aren't as cut and paste as Jane and Madison.

Snooki's book is the opposite situation. The two main characters are exact replicas of herself and JWoww, but instead of putting them on a reality show with other guidos, she set them up as roommates during a Jersey summer, looking for jobs and love.

Kourt, we feel the same way about your book... :(
But with Dollhouse, it's exact replicas of themselves living the exact same plot lines as their lives. We'll read it (and most likely like it), but what's the point, really? We already own Keeping Up With The Kardashians on DVD.... and we'll bet money that in this case, the book is not better than the movie.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Young Adult

When we first heard about this movie, we knew we were in. On paper, it sounded like every movie that should be on ABC Family but somehow finds itself on the big screen that we've ever loved. However, on screen, it's not exactly what we pictured when we heard the plot.

A girl who was popular in high school returns to her small-town home and tries to get back with her high school crush, who is now married with children.

We envision Katherine Heigl, bright colors, perhaps some prat-falls and cat fights between Heigl and the new wife in a Chuck E. Cheese ball pit. What we get is Charlize Theron, almost gritty lighting, and the closest we get to a cat fight is some spilled wine on a white blouse.

This movie (based on the trailer alone) takes the plot of what could be a cliched, overdone chick flick and makes it seem almost... smart. We won't know how true that is until we see the actual movie, of course, but it's definitely something we're excited to find out.

ESPN: The Body Issue

Well, ESPN came out with their Body Issue this week. A.K.A. The "Mom, Don't Bother Me. I'll Be Alone With the Tissues And Vasoline For A Little While" Issue.

It's true that we aren't frequent viewers of the ESPN website nor frequent readers of ESPN Magazine (It IS a magazine, right?). We know there USED to be some sort of ESPN restaurant/bar in Times Square because tourists ask us ALL THE TIME where it is. Bitch, it's been closed for a year. Order some hot wings from Dallas BBQ and go back to your hotel to watch the basketball game. It's a D.I.Y. ESPN. Solves that problem...

But even though this is a website we NORMALLY wouldn't go to... we never say no to oiled up athletes.

Besides Apolo, we don't have one damn clue who any of these men are. But that wouldn't stop us from GETTIN' IT. This makes us almost want to watch sports. Almost.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sophia Grace: Super Bass Bad Ass

We love Nicki Minaj. We love children. We love princess dresses.

Okay, we don't really love British accents, but the cuteness factor of this video ALMOST cancels the accent out...

When one of our biggest fans sent us this video, we KNEW we had a Sexy Trash icon. Sophia Grace Brownlee is everything we want our children to be. Again...except British. 

Sophia can SING THE SHITTTTT out of "Super Bass" and we hope we see more of her. Professionally. Although Nicki Minaj covers > original songs. Let's be honest...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Martyn & Chris Brown's Ass: He RUN IT, RUN IT...

While Chris Brown was beating on Rihanna, someone else was beating on dat ass. Allegedly.

I'm sorry.... who?
According to direct messages sent between R&B singer Martyn and Chris Brown, Martyn confessed to having sex with Chris Brown, Trey Songz, and Omarion. Damnnnnn. Someone was BUSY. It's okay - we can't hate. We wouldn't say no, either, Martyn... as long as it was pre-blonde Chris.

This is his "O" face.
The messages leaked earlier today and were confirmed to be real by Martyn.

One tweet from Chris was reported as saying,"Just cuz we messed around a few times dont mean u shouldnt respect a n----. And n---- I heard bout u hooking with Trey (Songz) too."

Other tweets leaked saying that Chris was the bottom boy in this little shin-dig. Which, let's be serious... we can see it.

But what we CAN'T see is someone who is already so controversial and studied closely by the media to be so careless as to TWEET information about down-low activity. While we'd gladly watch a video of it IF it existed, we're not really believing it.

Poor Martyn probably just needed publicity. Because, frankly, we had to go BUCK on Google to find a picture of him. At least we kind of know who he is now?

Brit Brit Goes Against TOXIC Body Issues

There's a LOT you can say about Britney Spears, and we get it - most of it can be negative. But no matter how good (or bad) she may wail during her songs, you can't say she doesn't have a heart of gold.

The UK radio station, Capital FM reported that in a campaign against Size Zero culture, Brit Brit is joining forces with the Government in hopes that the unedited shots will help to manage kids' expectations about their figure. 

Equalities minister Lynne Featherstone said, "I want children to recognize their value is much more than physical appearance."

While this won't change the world's view of morphed body image issues, hopefully it can make one little girl (or little gay boy) feel better about their own bodies. And let's be serious - change begins with one.

...And that's our serious post of the day. Please stay tuned for regularly scheduled programming.

Friday, September 30, 2011