Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Friends Belong in "Special Education"

Well, it's that time of year again. Sectionals on Glee. A year ago, I was watching this show alone on my couch, tearing up as Rachel belted out "Don't Rain On My Parade," and full out sobbing while Shue chased Emma down the hall as the voices of New Directions sang "My Life Would Suck Without You." Part 1 of Glee's first season was officially over; I would have to wait until April to see my beloved song birds again...

For the two of you who don't watch this show, this is what you're missing.

But while we may see our favorite glee clubbers at Sectionals once more, it does not mean another pause. No, Glee will be back next week for a Christmas episode (!!!), and then we'll only have to wait until the Super Bowl for the show to return. Getting rid of the 4-month pause was not the only change since last year's Sectionals. Emma is dating Carl, (a dentist played by John Stamos), Finn slept with Santana but is dating Rachel, New Directions lost Regionals, Kurt transferred to an all boy's school, and possibly the most drastic change: I no longer have DVR. Or cable, in general. I'm forced to watch all of my programming online.

So, as I waited for HULU to post the newest episode, "Special Education," I asked some friends their opinions, and was showered with a sea of varying opinions: Mostly uneventful, but I still enjoyed it, def my least favorite; I loved everything about it, def one of my favorites; I'm hating Rachel more by the minute; Nothing happened plot-wise, I only liked one song.

As I sat down this morning, ready to watch, I didn't know WHAT to think. Would this episode change the way I felt about Rachel? Would I be bored to tears as I watched an episode that was full of no plot? I've watched the episode now, and the only conclusion I can make about why I received such texts is: I am the only sane one out of everyone I know that watches this show.

No plot? Did we not see the secret wedding, the unrequited love, the relationship problems, the fights, the break up, the jealousy?? True, SOME of these story lines may have been suited better if they were stretched out into an episode or two instead of being shoved into a two-minute reveal. But this is Glee; you're not going to get that. What we DID get is plot. A plot, which I would even dare to say, that was anything BUT "uneventful."

Hating Rachel more by the minute? BLASPHEMY. I can see where she can be a little selfish and whiny at times, but everyone in that school is legitimately NASTY to her. "We pretend to like you?" And Mr. Shue yelling at her and putting her down in front of the WHOLE CLASS? He is a terrible teacher and a terrible human being. I've been over him since halfway through season one, but he sealed the deal tonight. Rachel, I may be the only one in the world... but I got your back, girl.

Only one good song? In an episode filled with "I've Had the Time of My Life," Amy Winehouse, Florence and the Machine, and an acapella version of "Hey, Soul Sister," you're going to tell me there's only Sure, "Don't Cry For Me, Argentina" isn't my favorite song, but if anyone were to do it justice, it's Rachel & Kurt... People are seriously trying to kill me with words. It's not going to happen. Why? Because I am no longer listening to you - instead, I am popping in my iPod and playing the songs from this episode.

So, there are my thoughts on the newest episode. Next time I send you a text asking how Glee was, know that it is simply hypothetical. If your answer isn't "OMG. I LOVED IT," I don't want to hear it. Unless of course, I didn't like it... then you're more than welcome to dislike it, as well. Everyone can have an opinion, mine is just the only one that counts.


  1. I thought this episode DID have plot. In fact, it's one of the few episodes that ISN'T song driven. But my thing is, well, shouldn't the episode for Sectionals BE song driven?

    I hated the Kidz Bop Florence number. I want to BE Valerie after Santana's rendition. And I kind of hated Time of My Life. Oh wow, Shue did the same thing he always does...except the Aryan version! How Cool!


    Ultimately, for an episode that was jam packed and full of excitement last season, this one underperformed in comparison.

    But, that Xmas episode next week? I think that's where the real shock and awe is gonna come in. Ryan Murphy knows next week is it till Superbowl--save the best for last I guess ;-)

  2. Do your friends not like actual plot, character arcs, and story development? Because damn- I have never had such a love/hate (and to be honest, it's usually mostly hate) relationship with characters and a TV show in my entire life. Every week, I watch Glee with the hope that Ryan Murphy is going to get up off his ass, stop pandering to the legions of people who are watching Glee simply for the gimmick factor, and actually do something with the story, characters, and talent that he has at his disposal.

    And damn- this week he fucking delivered. :)